Borders Drawn in Blood

1 drink,2 drink, 3drink, drunk

Dominic rants

" And then these very polite guards politely showed me the correct way to tuscanny. I dont know why everyone fears the guards, most of us are nice guys…"

“I mean, Id rather trust a local than this 12 year old we’ve been following, in fact, for some reason these children get us into some serious situations. Id rather follow the carpet-kisser, now hes right most of the time! Oh..and dont fight with him, he fights dirty… but thats’ another story.” dominic says while shaking his head with eyes wincing.

" So we end up in another over-priced inn. Which, by the way, at this point Id get better sleep in the woods..‘cause frankly these kids get us into trouble I swear! Lilo. Lilo, Lilo, Lilo.. she can make the most beautiful noise, until she speaks. Then its waaa, waaa, waa. This girl could complicate a free lunch. Listen to me, if she ever asks you to go somewhere in the middle of the night, you stay in, or you’ll spill your guts…and I know first hand!" As he lifts his shirt to show one of his many scars.

“You mind your P’s and Q’s … and yes, I would like another pint.”

“So after a hot meal and a bath we are in our room and it happens. You know… " He looks around and relays in almost a whimper “God… He speaks to me. In his almighty and powerful way he does…and no, not in a mysterious way, in a fierce and frightening way! Like time stops, the room darkens, and everything besides the fire becomes stale and unimportant. It rises and a thunderous voice speaks in a language I have never heard but somehow understand, and says ‘You have found your ruler, when she asks, you must burn the city of usurpers!’ and then things go back to boring and my friends are apparent again, all gazing at me in fear… and this is when Im supposed to sleep, HA!” and takes a giant gulp of beer.
“So we take shifts at the inn, we ll .. because frankly, people dont like us, probably the kids, they always get us in trouble. well, i cant sleep so i keep Nazar company. When i hear a click, and with this fragile’s just hoping its real. So we check by the door armed and waiting for the next scar, i know somethings there. Nazar doesnt believe me,i think he thinks i’m crazy! which may have some truths..but with a leap of faith i swing the door open, just in time for a club to kiss nazars belly from the bad man outside the door.”

" now, with my elite training and natural agility ,i spring into action thrusting my sword like an arrow from god through the air striking this beast of a man paralyzing his arm, i believe he cried.i do, and poof!… he s gone and we never saw him again that night. Like the devil’s magic, my friend, he vanished. I, myself, would doubt it if Nazar didnt witness and attest himself. we did see the inn keeper and was assigned a guard for the night. So the next night we camp in the woods. We hear something alarming. Please, God, not again! On closer inspection, I see a monster, of sorts… 12 ft. tall in the brush. All awake, we approach… but I hurt the last guy, so maybe its time for another to spill first blood. So I give them the opportunity. To our suprise, it’s a nobleman hanging while his guard lays dead as well. But at the scene there is no indication of why or what was here. Nice full-plate though, and fits! They wont need these possessions in heaven, God gave them to us! The party is weary though, there will be an investigation of this."head slumps down in regret at the bar.

“But we venture on, we make it to the city. I was finally recognized as a hero in my armor…like on parade through the town. I like the attention. But just like we thought, we drew too much attention, and by the next morning I was on the reverse side of the cage… again. You know these cells were not to my standards, sewage and all. The word is we will be hung by morning which was not to my liking.
“Anyway, then Gods light shined again from a dagger dropped down from the sewer grate from above, the angel has bestowed upon us a weapon. with a note with a blue rose on it and directions on where to meet our rescuer. Eventually a scary man comes in to interrogate his soldier on abandonment of his position…which then reminds, i never told anyone where i was… anyways. He approaches our cell and then demands that the boy/girl…Lilo, carve deserter upon the mans chest with his blade. I take notice that Freddric is a little extra queasy. And eventually , somehow she did, but i dont want to speak of these matters..” While getting choked up, he takes an awkward pause to regroup, shifting uncomfortably in the old well-worn barstools.

“‘After slaying the imprisoned guard’.. he says to the jailor, ‘it would be a shame for a girl to die so innocent..’ says the evil man..or something of that dispicable manner… and after the brute leaves, the jailor approaches in his randy way. Nazar, implying hes going to assist holding lilo, enticed the jailor to foolishly open the door.. we storm him! like water spilling from a broken vase.. we escape the cell in a blood thirsty attempt for freedom! Me, having the blade.. for obvious reasons..cuts this sinners throat for his final injustice!” He gestures victoriously. “We must go.there isnt time . We grab our belongings that were in the room and we shuffle our way back to freedom narrowly avoiding guards. Of course we are on the wrong side of the city .. like usual…when we ask for a street boy to guide us. if not for him we would of been found. When we reach our mysterious destination the boy looks scared approaching a woman, our contact. but we live amungst fearful things now so we approach. In refuge our only hope. it seems now a days thing are reversed and the shadows shine the light. ‘Come with me!’she says . And that is what lead me here , to enjoy this brew with u my new friend. And now i must do a small favor for exchange of my life which is fair. and at this point I’m along for the ride, and to see my new friends of mine to a safe life again." dominic says in his cascading stuper inside the secret lair of the think tank.


I love it Jeff. You did seem to capture the essence of our situation rather nicely.

1 drink,2 drink, 3drink, drunk

Nice Jeff, I like the Drunken rambling, not sure about telling total strangers our story though! :-)

1 drink,2 drink, 3drink, drunk
Maerdran JeffMassman

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