Borders Drawn in Blood

A Plan Emerges

The Cardinal, for lack of anything better to call him, has such evil in his heart and it is heartbreaking to see the effects he is having on so many others.

The assassin nearly got the best of us. He was next to me and I never even noticed him. When the others realized something they were unable to see me even though I was standing right in front of them. Thank goodness we made it out alive but that man was so twisted and deformed I almost felt sorry for him. I know he chose his fate by siding with the Cardinal but I am not sure any of us really knows what we are in for when choose a path. I wish I had Dominic’s faith. He is steadfast and strong and knows he is on the right path. His vision while crazy and disturbing do actually help me understand where his beliefs come from even if I don’t quite understand it. But I guess that is what faith is all about.

What I do know and believe with all my heart is that the Cardinal and any others that are in league with the devil need to be banished from the this world. They are vile and corrupt and are bleeding that corruption on to everyone in their path. I have been warned that I may be on the wrong path myself but I will see the end of the Cardinal or die trying. If eliminating the Cardinal costs me my life or worse I am okay with that as long as he is no longer able to hurt anyone again. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

After one more scouting expedition to the gate to determine how they are keeping all the plague people inside the city walls we decide to head back to Verona. We learned that the plague victims do not like fire and simple torches keep them at bay and that the gate is actually locked from the outside. Other than that we really didn’t learn much at all.

We manage to get back without any trouble and report our finding to Can grande. I really try to come up with good suggestions but I battle strategy still eludes me. He always has a puzzled looked whenever we talk. Fredrich and Nizar makes some good suggestions and Dominic is ever steadfast in his conviction to burn the city. I have to say I am beginning to agree with him after that last vision and the finding out that fire seems to be the only thing that stops the creatures. I told him about the assassin that attacked us and he said he came after him as well. He took out 42 men and the 2 Keepers he was training. That is not good news at all. Can Grande says we need more of a plan and sends us off to figure it out.

I know I am suppose to be leading this whole army thing but I really don’t see how we are going to keep the Cardinal or that damn assassin from wiping out any catapult that starts hurling flaming pitch into the city. There were some suggestions of using me as bait but I was not really too keen on that plan. Can Grande pointed out that we would be the last place he would attack since we might have a chance of stopping him.

We head back to talk to Uguccione. After hearing from Artigli that he said a blessing and then ran his sword through a soldier’s breast plate I am fairly certain I can talk to him more openly. We sit down with Morrosini and Ghibbeline to try and figure out a plan. The usually squabbles take place and eventually Uguccione sends them on their way to look for volunteers to wade into the sea of plagued people to light them on fire. I expected Ghibbline to go along but I am amazed that Morrosini thought that was a reasonable plan. When Uguccione suggested it I assumed he just wanted them out of the way and it worked like a charm.

After those 2 were gone the rest of us discussed the real issue of the Cardinal, and any others he might send, and how to keep him away from the catapults. After much discussion we agreed that the 6 of us would try and join in with the water carriers and make our way into the inner city. Once there we would try and to gather enough information to determine where the Cardinal is and how best to get to him. Once we were ready Nizar will send word to Uguccione through Layil.

With our somewhat suicidal plan in place we decide to head to Ravenna to try and buy some Sands from the beaches of Hell. Which is what Artigli says the fire pot he used was called by the merchant he got it from. We take the Snow Valley men, Herzog, Franz and Artigli with us. Upon entering the city we are able to locate a merchant that is packing up to leave port. We are able to purchase 2 of what he called fire powder. That is much easier to say than Sands from the…. well you get the idea. Nizar also made some serious money by selling a few of his scimitars. He actually received gold coins.

So we head back to Verona and upon our return the army starts to move towards Milan. Can Grande took part of the army to defend something or other. I am sure it was important if he took them away from Milan. Hopefully we will have everyone for the main assault.

The prospect of the next few days is daunting to say the least but I have faith in our cause and in my friends. We will end the Cardinal even if I don’t get anything else out of this.


Ha! faith in the crazy knight, you should put your faith in Allah!
Nice write up… :-)

A Plan Emerges

I wonder if Allah and God are somehow the same … What would your thought be then?
Well done, Cheryl =]

A Plan Emerges
Maerdran Goldenglade

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