Borders Drawn in Blood

A Vision Revealed

The Rescue continued ...

Fear runs through me as Nizar falls to the ground. His lifeless body surrounded by our enemies. We are separated by distance and an entire force of enemies, and I am unable to assist him. Dominic, Fredrich, and Ettore are battling the many that stand between us and our fallen friend. I watched in horror as Prince Gelph cut Nizar to ribbons in only a couple of hits. I have no idea how we will ever prevail against such unholy evil but Dominic’s vision gives me hope.

This is what he is meant to do and he seems to be empowered by what he saw. I saw the woman as a warning but for Dominic she brought meaning and purpose to him. He has the power of God on his side and he will not fail. I have to believe that, because he does, and although our motivations differ our goal is the same. We both need to end this evil that has taken over Milan and threatens to take over the entire country. The Cardinal will not stop until he is brought to his death. I do not know how we will accomplish it but with Fredrich, Ettore and hopefully Nizar we will triumph.

The battle is turning to our ever so slight advantage but, we still have the Prince to get through. He is an unholy man and I pray as Dominic and Fredrich move up to face him. Unfortunately Fredrich gets there first and gets much the same greeting as Nizar did. Fredrich’s gut is opened wide but the blow does not appear to have had the same devastating effect that it had on Nizar. Dominic moves up to meet the Prince and get his attention away from Fredrich. As I glance behind the Prince my heart jumps a beat as I see that Nizar is up again. Thank God he is alive. He looks to be moving in to attack the Prince again. I am sure he is one angry Arab at this point. Not many men can say they got the best of Nizar.

Nizar and Dominic unleash on the Prince. Dominic calling on God to give him the power to smite this evil from the world and Nizar channels all his anger into his strikes. The Prince finally falls under one of Dominic’s mighty blows. He seems to still be breathing so he strikes him again attack until he is finally dead. Once the Prince falls the other men are easily dispatched.

We quickly find several of the heirs in the cells close to where we were fighting. We know there are more in the other cells behind the monastery but we need to take out the archers up top before proceeding any further. We make our way up and there are several archers around the edge of the rooftop. Seeing an opportunity I cause the ground under one of the archers to become rather slippery. He falls to the room below and I am satisfied for all of a second when I realize I just sent him down to where all the heirs are helpless in their cells and one is lying in the stairwell. I yell to Nizar to help them downstairs. He looks a bit puzzled at first and then comes to the same conclusion as I did. He races downstairs to finish off the fallen archer.

Meanwhile Dominic, Ettore and Fredrich and I try to finish off the rest. This proves to be a lot more difficult than we had hoped. We are in bad position and the archers have clear shots at us. As Ettore and Dominic move up the stairs they are met by 3 more of the black knights. I am unsure what happened but I scream for Nizar as Dominic falls. His wounds do not appear to be so bad as to take him down so something else must have caused his fall. Ettore and Fredrich battle the men and are making progress but are also being terribly wounded as they go. We are still outnumbered and I fear we may not make it through this battle. There is another black knight approaching from below. Ettore moves in front of me to take the attack. He is such a brave young man. He lands several blows but is already wounded and falls as the knight returns with attacks of his own. I am unable to get to Ettore and Fredrich is doing his best to keep all the others at bay. Nizar makes it back to us just in time to take out the man that downed Ettore. Not long after, Dominic appears to be coming around, and between the 3 they manage to finish off the archers and black knights. Before they kill them all another falls, or perhaps jumped, down to the ground below. Oh no the children again. I use the last of my healing to help Ettore before we head back down.

We race downstairs and manage to stop the one archer taking shots at the captives in the cells. He managed to hit one before we got there but he will survive.

Fredrich goes off to find a horse to hitch the wagon to so we can get the heirs down the mountain. We managed to find 15 heirs 2 of which are wounded. Unfortunately 2 are dead. As we are helping round up the heirs we hear Fredrich in another fight. All of a sudden this massive horse comes charging into the monastery and attacks Nizar. Oh this place is full of such unspeakable evil. Nizar and Dominic manage to kill the beast. We find Fredrich severely wounded but they manage to stabilize him. Another minute or two and he may not have survived. Now if this vile place doesn’t hold any other surprises we need to figure out how to get the heirs back safely.


Very Nice! I liked the “this proves to be a lot more difficult than we had hoped”…

A Vision Revealed

Well done, Cheryl. JJ will be coming home soon; hopefully he will calculate XP =]

A Vision Revealed

Yeah Jim I remember everyone saying we just have to finish off the guys upstairs…ha it was almost the other way around.

A Vision Revealed

Sounds like my luck: survive big battle with hoards of enemies, gets his ass kicked by a horse.

A Vision Revealed
Maerdran Goldenglade

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