Borders Drawn in Blood

Are you there god, its me Dominic..

You test my faith my lord. You haunt me with visions and guide me to danger, with these fellow confused people. One week its Lelo, next lela..todays shes noble named victoria.And they look t me strange. Only me and the boy are actually from italy , its like we all met paths by fate. Father… i ve asked your opinion on Nazar …he should be an enemy..but he’s actually my friend..he gave me this great sword to replace my lost one , it even says “God’s choice”! I dont blame him for not telling us he is wanted, there’s no way he would kill a woman, hes a gentleman ..well until he chops off an arm. At this rate of confessions, i woulod expect Fredric to tell us he s really not an archer..which actually make sense… I am becoming less afraid my lord. I no longer run from battle ..i run into battle. I know u are guiding my hand, i ve never been a leader or a hero. You empower me and give me miricles. After we ran over the Coble family , we then take the house by storm. confiscating all of its value. the most excitment i ever saw was maybe a resitance in jail or a boob. I never imagined this. All the traveking. Ive never left northern itaily and now.. well now i m wanted in like 4 towns!! I wear your cross on my chest because u have my heart.Today on our journey you saved showed me the structure after the horseman questioned us.. and then the bolder.then with my mighty stead you allowed me to run into danger. Nazar faith allows him to take on four horseman, 4 horseman!…(wait thats sounds familar , where have i heard that).. I just wish i didnt see my friends get hurt.. some need more faith, like fredric ..he needs a lot of faith.. like a lot. I saw him get hit by a boulder from the! And as i passed by arrows and the thickness of danger..i realized.. i .. got off my horse way to early..i am so slow with full plate.. i was sure we we done for. looking at my comrades i saw doom. We were outnumbered and surely nazar was taken. And then your power came through me . Your divine grace. I was like a templar or even cangrande. Noting could stop us .Despite all odds we prevailed. i was sure fredric was dead… but then all of a sudden..he wasnt..if that gaurd wasnt weighed down surely id be burrying him. But you have a plan god. And that plan i see now is " save the cheerleader.. save the world"… wait no.. i mean " its to get lela.. i mean Victoria here nobility and land back.. burn the city.u have saidd it all along. Five strangers from differnet lands and faiths.. fighting for justice…. FIGHTING FOR JESUS!!!!! THANK U BABY JESUS


I love it! Jeff you just have a way of saying all the right things! Dominic is a classic.


the “thank you baby Jesus” line had me laughing…great job jeff


Thank u. After you do a parody of the night before Christmas.. I really couldn’t too that. So I thought an insight on his prayers might further define my character cause as I see it, it’s not us just recapping the week… It’s our opinions and perception of what was happening in our week. Hense Dominic leaves out rather important information cause his lack of paying attention . Holy crap I’m writing a synopses on my synopses..


I love it! It’s like a Christopher Nolan movie “a synopsis within a synopsis within a…”

I like the inner dialogue in this one! Thanks Jeff.


Fredrich: “Man that was a close call, I thought I was a gonner. My life flashed before my eyes at the end there. I should think twice before charging up to the front again.”


1st rule of mounted combat, never get off your horse!!! You can ride a horse up hill…
Especially a bad ass white war horse. :-)


HAHA! this from the guy that didn’t manage to hit the frightened, intimidated, BLIND man until getting off his own horse! (I know it happened a little differently than that, but it is funnier this way.) :-)

Maerdran JeffMassman

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