Borders Drawn in Blood


We have all endured so much through the years that it is hard to believe that things could actually be getting even more difficult. Unfortunately we seem to be at a crossroads and all of these roads lead to great danger with little chance of success. I am struggling with the fact that my friends, my family really, are following me on what seems to be a suicidal mission. I have asked them many times if they are sure about coming along and they all agree and are willing to see this through. I can only hope I do not get them all killed.

What is our mission? I have thought about this long and hard and I realize that I can’t speak for everyone because they all have their own reasons for being here. So the real question is what is my mission? My mission is to end Corvo and the woman who now helps him. Of this I am perfectly clear. I wish that we could just march to Venice and take him on but that is not possible. I also know there are many others who are in league with the 2 but they are merely pawns in the game Lucifer is playing with us. When tempted with their heart’s greatest desires, it is hard to blame one for succumbing. I am not here to punish all who have wronged me. That would be a very long list and could consume me before I ever got near Corvo. No, these men will pay one day but that is not my job.

So, Corvo and the woman are the ones we must stop. There are many who will stand in our way. None of the paths I have been shown are easy and most end in death without ever reaching Venice. We have so many enemies but only each other as allies. It seems that when someone does try and help us they too end up dead for their troubles.

We have 2 of the 6 Sisters after us at this time. They are very formidable opponents and while we have struck them down several times they always manage to escape and regroup. Dominic has be grievously wounded when they attack and I am afraid that they will succeed in killing him one of these nights. They use shadow and magic to assist them while we try to counter with light and magics of our own. So far it has been a draw but sooner or later one side will lose someone. We must come up with a strategy to stop them.

On top of the Sisters there is Messini and Lord Guelph after us. We must dispatch these sister before those two can catch up with us. There is no way we can fight all of them at once. We will surely end up on the wrong side of that battle. Assuming we manage to rid ourselves of the sisters, we will then have to track down Messini and Gelph. Hopefully they are not together and we can find some tactical advantage to assist us in stopping them. I wish I could make them understand exactly who it is they are serving, but perhaps they already know. I suppose that is not my job either, but it is a shame there must be so much bloodshed.

Even if we manage to rid ourselves of all of those obstacles we still have half the countryside looking to kill us. The bounty on our heads just makes it that much more difficult to reach our goal. This last encounter with a group of mercenaries proved very difficult and my poor Dominic bore the brunt of the injuries. But I know we must continue. I believe with all my heart this is what I am meant to do with my abilities. This is what God wants of me and I am willing to sacrifice everything for him.

I pray that God grants us the skills and strength to reach Venice and destroy Corvo and his Mistress. I pray that my friends/family are spared even if I myself do not survive the battle. All that matters is Lucifer is stopped, this time at least.


Good Luck!

Maerdran Goldenglade

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