Borders Drawn in Blood

Bigger and Badder

Who killed Messini?

We once again managed to survive an intense battle that added yet another level of confusion to an already strange few weeks. We have encountered some of the “Sisters” that are apparently demons or devils I’m not really sure which, that have taken possession of some poor soul. So for all our efforts to destroy them we merely kill the body and the “creature” moves on to find another one to inhabit. At least we are slowing them down. I realize we are in a battle that will never be over but for me, it is one I must continue to fight.

This battle ended at least one version of a Guelph General but it seems his body is no longer where he was slain. It ended Messini as well, although not in the way Nizar envisioned. We learned there is something more sinister out there that managed to kill Messini by sending a bolt of light through his chest. Messini was scared to death of this new threat which I thought for a brief moment was a good sign for us. However, this same thing managed to banish Michael, yes the Angel, into Dominic and throw him across the room pinning him to a wall. So much for this thing being on our side.

We saw 2 or maybe 3 or maybe even 4 “Sisters” leaving the ruins and who thank the Lord did not spot us. We now have the group of not quite dead soldiers marching along with the “Sisters” as if they needed some sort of protection. If that wasn’t so funny I would probably cry.

So I prayed again for guidance and it seems fairly clear that attacking them on the way back to Venice is not going to be an option unless some of the split from the group. So we have decided to head to Venice ourselves and hope we find opportunities to strike at the “Sisters” when they are NOT, I repeat, NOT altogether.

looks over at Nizar

If he doesn’t get out of this “I must kill them all, consequences be damned” mindset he is in, he may just get us all killed. I don’t know how to reach him. He has not been the same since we had those visions with the “waif”, aka Lucifer. Actually he is much like when we first met him. Hostile to the point of suicide. Luckily his great skills as a warrior have managed to keep that from happening.

On the positive side Fredrich has not done anything utterly creepy lately which gives me a little hope that his soul might be saved still. Ettore’s skills with both weapons and deception are almost supernatural these days. And Dominic, my ever vigilant protector and champion, is becoming ever more powerful as the days and battles continue to test our group.

Venice will be the end for us. How it will all is the question.


nice, great job for a slow week. Nizar did not get to kill anyone. :-)

Bigger and Badder

Good Job! Perhaps Freiderich is still just as creepy – you’ve just become desensitized to it. Now you just observe him playing with someone’s teeth with distracted ambivalence instead of outright concern. “…nothing out of the ordinary here.”

Bigger and Badder

Ettore was born in Venice .. fitting that we think our demise will be in Venice as well..
Great write up; sorry I’m very late

Bigger and Badder
Maerdran Goldenglade

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