Borders Drawn in Blood

Cavil, Corvo, Cangrande, Comaschi...Oh My!

After our discovery in the basement of the Cavil estate and the subsequent unveiling of proof to Rosa we were told we would be going to see Cangrande Della Scala to present our findings. This certainly scared me to death and it was at that point I knew I had to let the others know who I really am.

After sharing my thoughts about Lord Giulio Cavil (older) being a pawn in all of this I asked to speak to our group privately.

Will they hate me? Will they still want to help me and protect me? It doesn’t matter! I owe them all the truth.

With the guards and Carine out of earshot I explained that I was indeed Viktoria Comaschi and I apologized for my deception. I trust them all with so much more than my life; I owed them all the truth. Dominic didn’t seem surprised because, Abbot Morosini had asked him to protect me at all costs. He asked me about this when I said I was Viktoria’s friend but I didn’t have any answer for him, and he didn’t press me. He just knew that something was off. Ettore seemed excited but perhaps that is because I had confirmed his suspicions as well. Nizar confirmed what I already knew about this honorable, yet very angry, Arab by saying that he would have protected me had I been a simple serving wench. Fredrich was the only one I was not able to get a read on with any precision. He seemed surprised but perhaps resigned. I am still unsure but either way I do not feel he means me any harm. I imagine all the deception on my part is to blame, and I certainly understand him being upset with me.

Antonio brought a contingent of guards to escort us to Cangrande. We brought Carine, Nicco and Gino with us. As we make our way down the street I start to feel a bit uneasy. I can tell that Carine is frightened but who can blame her. She has been through a lot and still fears retribution. The closer we get to Cangrande’s the more nervous I become. As we enter the gates it takes everything in me to continue but I think about my family and of the possibility that I may someday regain my holdings and title. The one thought that drives me forward is that we should be able to get Cangrande’s help in ridding us of at least one Corvo.

As we enter the room there is much going on inside. Philosophers and minstrels are at or near a table with Rosa and Dante. Seeing her makes me feel much better. I have put a lot of trust in her and so far she has not let me down. As I take in the lively scene I hear Fredrich announce himself using our cover name of Lord Guelph. Just as he does this Cangrande states loudly and with a bit of a laugh “No you’re not!” At this point I start to panic on the inside but manage to hold fast as it seems Cangrande doesn’t really care. I still stay behind Nizar and Dominic as we move up to the front of the room. Cangrande asks for the books and then tells us to sit and enjoy the feast.

Whew what a relief. It appears all is well between our group and Cangrande. This allows me to finally relax and enjoy the occasion. I know all too soon we will have to speak about what we have found but for now we can eat and drink and I can play my harp with some extremely talented musicians.

Ahh my Harp. The only real thing I have left from my family. Mein Vater gave this to me so that I might play an instrument “befitting my station”. Thanks to my friends I was able to retrieve it even though I could have cost us all our lives. I realize now what a silly thing it was but my music and this Harp me everything to me. It is a symbol of my family. My father used to tease me and tell me tales of my harp. But it is an exquisite thing:

It was masterfully crafted from cherry polished to a mirrored finish. The anchors for each string are silver and gold eagles’ heads arranged so that the string stretches from its open beak. The Comaschi coat of arms was situated at the center of the polished wooden swirl at the harps highest point. It is inlaid with gold and ebony.

I had just joined the other musicians when Valentino burst through the doors spilling his quiver of arrows and yelling RUN! He was bloody from fighting then a moment later Lord Cavil, his daughter Lady Lana Cavil, a whole host of Cavil guards and what looks to be a contingent of Arabs came through the doors.

I cannot believe they are making a direct attack on Cangrande in his home. I suppose they know the ruse is over and now that the books have been found we have forced their hand.

Cangrande engages Lana Cavil and tells her she should sit and eat and drink with everyone before her inevitable end. Sadly she does not take Cangrande up on his offer but this has given the by standers time to flee the room. It would also seem to have given the Cavil’s Guard Captain time to somehow maneuver unseen, right up to Cangrande, and land a mighty blow. Cangrande in a split second before the hit came pulled his shield over his head and blocked the brunt of the strike. However the force of the blow split his shield and knocked him and his throne over. Cangrande was down!

At this point one of the Arabs said something odd “We only came for our man. We did not come here for this!” Hmm their man. The only Arab I know is Nizar. I wonder what they want with him. They certainly have come a long way to get him.

At that point all hell broke loose. The fighting was viscous and both sides were losing men left and right. I started singing hoping to inspire my allies with courage. They must have been afraid but none ever showed it. There was so much going on it was difficult to keep track of it all.

Dominic and Nizar rushed back to help the Keepers with the Captain that just took down Cangrande. Fredrich hopped up on a table and started firing arrows, Antonio pushed into the melee and began taking people down. I am not sure where Ettore went but he is difficult to keep track of when the battle breaks out. I hope he doesn’t end up like Valentino on the wrong side of the fighting. I do worry about that boy.

Dominic, Nizar and the two Keepers actually made quick work of the Cavil Captain. He didn’t fare so well with likes of them surrounding him. I made my way over to Cangrande and began to play a healing tune. Since I am not well versed in the healing arts I say a quick prayer and hope that it helps him. At least he is still breathing. With the Captain dead the four men take off to join Fredrich and Antonio in the main battle.

Lord Cavil went down when Antonio ran his blade through the Lord’s gut. It was a good sight but we still had Lana Cavil and one rather Nasty Arab to deal with. Lana had at some point finished off Valentino after he successfully attacked her. As men started to fall on both sides a fine pink mist started to swirl around Lana Cavil. I think, I think it’s, BLOOD! Dear Lord, protect me and my friends from the She devil!

The next thing I see is Antonio’s sword shattering in a thousand pieces just like Dominic’s did. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any scarier she suddenly disappeared and then reappeared right behind Antonio and touched his neck. Dominic is nearby so he and Antonio will have a shot at her now. Assuming Antonio survives whatever she did to him.

Cangrande came around and charged into battle with no armor and a badly damaged shield. I have to say he is an impressive man. I don’t think even Nizar or Dominic could have survived that blow. He charged in and pulled one of his own men out of the way so that he could get into the thick of things. He laid waste to everyone that stood before him.

Fredrich seems to have lost his bow. I was trying to determine how that happened when I spotted that Scary Arab that visited me in my room the other night. It seems he took Henri’s place, and from the look of things, is just as capable. Fredrich drew his blade and moved into the melee at that point. It seems Ettore has made an appearance and is quite far away from everyone. He seems to be holding his own and taking down several guards and Arabs.

It seems to be pretty close at this point and the battle could go either way. Dominic and Lana Cavil have been trading blows and Dominic seems to have gotten the worst of it and has to retreat a bit. Antonio has suddenly started attacking his own men. The witch has caused him to go mad.She really needs to die Some of the Cavil men appear to be fighting with each other. Perhaps some are trying to leave.

The Scary Arab seems to be cutting through men like butter. He has made his way across the room to get near Nizar. Nizar is fighting the Scary Arab that wants him for something. They certainly do not seem to like each other. Ettore is still taking out the men near the front door and doing a fine job of it. Dominic is attaining God’s blessing so that he may rejoin the battle. Cangrande and Fredrich appear to have Lady Cavil in a bad way. She suddenly drops her horrific mace and then tried to flee. Dark shadows start swirling about her almost lifting her away when Cangrande and Fredrich connect with her and fell the Witch! What a beautiful sight.

Dominic and Nizar must have been inspired by this because before I know it the Nasty Arab is down. Ettore has come up and started to finish off the last remaining Arabs. The only one left is the Cavil Captain and he is now surrounded by everyone. He is finished.

Seeing Lana Cavil, or rather Corvo, lying there dead filled me with rage. I took out my dagger and stabbed her in the chest with it. “Take That!” I shout. Cangrande apparently finds this amusing but I found it liberating. I know she was already dead but she helped take my family from me. Maybe not directly but that makes no difference. The Corvo’s are in league with Satan.

Cangrande tells everyone that is able to still fight to follow him. While they run off to finish up with the fighting outside I start poking around Lana Cavil’s body and find her disgusting weapons and some rather nice jewelry. Seeing how she won’t be in need of it anymore, I take it off her and put it on. She has 2 signet rings one for Cavil and another for the Corvo family. Her armor is also quite fine. They are always telling me to get armor and weapons so I think I’ll get all this icky blood off it and try it on.

Before I get the armor on, Rosa and the others come piling back in to find me drowning the armor in wine. Not long after that Cangrande and my friends return victorious. Cangrande says to take anything we can use and the rest will go to the armory. It seems everyone has found something they can use. I hold up the armor for my friends and ask them “So what do you think?” Cangrande looks at me and says “You need something to protect you Viktoria.” Well, I guess that answers one of my questions.

Nizar took a bunch of weapons but I think that makes him feel more comfortable. There were 2 blades that had Arabic writing on the blades. Nizar took the curved one with “Wind” written on the blade. Dominic took the straight sword to replace the one the Witch shattered. Fredrich knelt down beside the Witch and wiped his blade off on her clothing. Then as he stood he grabbed her mace, and held it up for a minute. He seemed to be deciding whether or not he wanted the menacing looking weapon. The mace head was in the shape of a human heart with the shaft of the weapon rising up and forming into a raven’s claw that is grasping the heart. Fredrich makes up his mind and hangs the mace at his side and sheaths a new dagger as well. Nicco took the battle axe along with the Arab armor. Geno also got some new armor and a greatsword. I realized that Lana’s armor would serve Ettore much better than I, and insisted he take it. He is always getting into the middle of things and usually alone, so he needs the protection more than I. After going back and forth about the Corvo dagger I decided I did in fact want it. I want the Corvo’s to know that this belonged to one of them, and that person is now dead. After searching through all the bodies Nizar says the armor the Nasty Arab was wearing looks to have a design on it. After seeing the potential of the disease ridden, foul armor, I decide that I must get it repaired and that the design should be restored. It may be quite beautiful after all.

At some point someone asked “So what do we do now?” Cangrande’s response was “We are going to war. Are we not?” I didn’t even hesitate with my response “We are!”

After all the sorting had been done Cangrande took me aside and said that I have a unique opportunity. Most rulers inherit but have no idea what it is like to fight their way to power. If I fail, which is likely, I am dead, but if successful I would be a renowned warlord. I do believe that blow to his head is impairing him I give him an odd look as he finishes that last sentence. But I tell him that I plan to get my lands and title back, and destroy all the Corvo’s in the process. He said that it is fortunate that our purposes align because he wants to run Venice. How fortunate indeed

So Viktoria Comaschi, daughter of The Lord, Eduardo Comaschi, and all of 12 years old, plans on taking back her land and title by exterminating the Corvo filth that took her family and her home from her. Jesus and Allah willing, with the help of her friends, some powerful allies, and a whole heap of luck maybe, just maybe, I’ll succeed.


Viktoria: “Its time to kick ass and eat pastries, and I am all out of pastries.”


LOL “Let’s do this!!” Hey since you’re all bad ass does that mean you get promoted to Keeper since Cangrande’s other two bit it in the battle?


I doubt it, they are probably still more badass than I am, Keeper’s apprentice maybe. lol


Very nice, I was hoping you wouold forget the “we’ve only come for our man” comment. :-)


Please, Lila has been looking for something, anything that would result in egg on Nizar’s face :P


Well she figured something had to have made him so angry. But after meeting a bunch of others from his land I think they are all crazy, scary, angry people. :)


Nicely done, Cheryl. =]
Ettore wonders if the Corvo’s had anything to do with our capture and transport via covered wagon .. Could they have been behind the death of my family too? I’m just a Venetian water rat; what purpose do I hold in their eyes?

Anyway; see you all tonight!


I am not sure if they had anything to do with death of your family but I am sure they were responsible for our capture. They were there at the house in Venice for Luca and Viktoria. You and your friend had the misfortune of picking the wrong house to rob on the wrong night.


Cheryl, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to comment on this. Work has been kicking me in the teeth the past few weeks.

This was very good, very detailed write up. I sense a change toward a more aggressive, or maybe motivated, Lilo/Lila/Viktoria!


No worries at all JJ. I totally understand. In education there are certainly times that require much more of effort and attention that others.

I was hoping to portray that sense that Viktoria is much more motivated now. She has really started to understand the wrongs that were committed against her family and is just begin to realize how deep the conspiracy goes. Our little Lilo/Lila/Viktoria is starting to grow up.

Maerdran Goldenglade

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