Borders Drawn in Blood

Ettore's Battle Wound

Victoria approaches behind Dominic and me; her song is nothing like we’ve heard from her before. Usually it’s an encouraging melody but this one felt more dreadful.

Looks like all that remain are archers; this is going to be great (sarcastically speaking). I am successfully able to charge one and got him good! He fell with my first attack!
A group of archers farther up the street loose several arrows at Gino; luckily Dominic is not far behind to provide aid.

Nizar, Dominic, and I charge the group of archers up the street; plus a couple attempting to retreat. I am able to get an attack but it was not as successful as my first charge.
I feel a little disappointed in, and very frustrated with, the archers. They are not attacking me yet I am the one threatening them. Do I not pose as big a threat to them as Nizar and Dominic?

The ones that attempted to retreat were successful; we were unable to get to them in time. Although, when we do catch up to them something doesn’t sit right with me. I think for a second and shout to Nizar that I think it’s a trap! He doesn’t seem to mind; he kept on engaging the archers.

Turns out my instincts were right but they failed. Even though more enemies arrived and no other resistance fighters came to our aid, we left the streets of Vicenza bloody with Sforza patrolmen.
Not before Victoria’s melody returned to normal, ::sigh of relief:: Friedrich “found his inner Gatling gun,” [D.M.s reference to his skill with a bow n’ arrow] and I finally become a threat and was attacked. A severe wound to the groin however, was not what I had in mind. ::nervous chuckle:: I was hoping for battle wounds that made me a man in my Lady’s eyes not battle wounds that would potentially ruin my manhood …. I’ve learned my lesson.

This has nothing to do with this campaign but a previous one. I think I have found Celeste’s theme song; if she were to have one that is: ;]


Great review Alex. I’m glad to actually finally hear what happened:/….. Wish us the best

Ettore's Battle Wound

LOL I am glad to see Ettore learned his lesson about WANTING to be attacked. crazy kid Hopefully no permanent damage was done by that arrow shot or Ettore may have to find himself a new girl :-)
Great write up Alyson. I can’t wait for tonight.

Ettore's Battle Wound

You never know – I’m sure somewhere out there is a girl that’s in to that kind of thing.

Ettore's Battle Wound

Captain Jack Sparrow: “You aren’t a unich are you? Snip, snip.”

Ettore's Battle Wound
Maerdran Alyflower21

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