Borders Drawn in Blood

Ettore's new battle wound

Dominic, Nizar, and I visit the armory. This time it’s my armor that’s in need of repair! We also check if the pitch is ready. It will be a week to repair my chain shirt; however, the pitch is available. Dominic finds a suitable stable within the city and then we head home. Nizar and I feel exhausted. (Alyson’s memory is horrible, I apologize if Friederich and Viktoria were there too).

The next morning Dominic wakes me. It’s later than usual, I don’t hear Nizar praying and then it suddenly hits me like a wave. I feel hot, sweaty, cold, shaky … I feel dizzy after just sitting up. I need to lie back down. Come to find out I’m sick from the bites, as is Friederich and Nizar. We’ve been moved to one room. By the end of the day, I am left alone in the room; Friederich and Nizar are improving quicker than I. Appears we have rented a third room for the healthy and when I offer to pay for my room it is unaccepted. I feel weak, I’m not persisting … I need to sleep….

Viktoria goes downstairs when the Innkeeper tells us Rosa is here.

Dominic frequents my room to pray. I attempt to pray along with him. If I’m awake, he updates me on what the group has been doing. Nizar is well.

Viktoria found out where our previous guards are congregating, what they’ve been saying, and why.

Friederich is well.

Nizar and Viktoria try to find and hire a corpse collector to finish cleaning out our estate. They succeed.

He and Nizar are going to try and talk to our previous guards. Found one and set up a meeting.

At some point in the night yelling from an unfamiliar voice awakens me. Something about witchcraft and no other voices are heard. No response to the yelling but someone falls, someone who sounds like they’re wearing plate armor? I try to focus on listening but am still so tired.

The next morning I ask Dominic about the noise and voice and he tells me I must have been dreaming. The group checks out of the inn, I will at night. Once home I notice through exhaustion that the house does not smell as badly as it did.

It’s been about a week and all the praying Dominic has been doing seems to be working now that I’m home. Sleeps seems to be more restful. At times I feel weak but that is less frequent too. The group decides when I’m well to head for Milan. Gino and Nicco are staying back with Carine to try and recruit more guards.

Before heading out, we stop to get my now repaired armor. It feels a lot better to be back to my old self.

First night out, Nizar wakes me and asks me to spot something outside the firelight. I spot a human form; Layil says it’s a boy. “Come in to the firelight” Nizar says and immediately the form darts away further into the darkness. Nizar runs after it with a lit branch from the fire as I rouse Friederich to inform him of the situation. He mounts, grabs a lit branch, and follows Nizar.

I check camp and its surroundings; all is quiet. I can still make out their light sources. They appear to be heading back for camp. They have the young boy with them: 14-15 years old, starved-looking, dark hair, and dark eyes or so it seems among the firelight. Nizar offers him leftover dinner while Friederich tethers the horse.

Nizar asks the young boy a couple of questions and while he’s eating I notice a mark on the back of his neck. It looks like a dark feather tattoo. I wait for a moment to interrupt and request that Nizar and Friederich step over here for a second (out of earshot from the young boy). I tell them what I spotted.

Nizar goes to grapple the young boy by the back of the collar and nearly misses him. “What’s this!?” Nizar says forcefully. I go to rouse Viktoria to inform her of the situation and what I spotted. “I … I don’t know, my father made me get it” the young boy responds. Dominic rouses from the increased volume of noise.

I catch another response from the young boy. Something about his father telling him never to refer to or use the Corvo name. Nizar asks him about his father’s lands, where they are … the boy appears to be answering truthfully or appears to be cooperating … but there is something off about what the young boy is saying … Nizar commands the young boy lead us to his family’s land and readies to leave.

(I think for a minute; aka I roll an intelligence check. I think Alex and Jim rolled one also). That’s it! (aka I got a 20) I think that the Corvos should have been gone, killed, before this boy was born. I gather the group to share my thoughts. Viktoria, who rolled a Knowledge Nobility check, also shares that she does not know of (is not aware of) any Corvos having land in the area where the young boy is from (West of Genoa; Alyson forgets the actual name).

We all exchanged glances, or raised eyebrow type of looks … could this be the bastard son?

“Uh, I can’t go back. They’ll hang me if I’m caught” says the young boy. (We as characters know, JJ told us, that during this time serfs who leave without permission or escape and are ever found are hung). “We won’t let them,” responds Nizar.

Dominic focuses on him (detects evil) and the boy returns a look. Dominic falls to the ground! Friederich and Viktoria immediately drop to tend to him. “What happened to him?” the young boy asks tenderly with a glint of something else … I sense motive and he was quite ‘smug’ in his response (DMs words).

I move away slowly from Dominic off to the right, hands above my weapons, and eyes on the young boy, Nizar opposite me. I say aloud, “That wasn’t very sincere but rather smug.” Nizar stares at the young boy and says with great intimidation, “what did you do to him!?” From the look on Nizar’s face it didn’t work; I quickly glance back at the boy and he’s smirking. (Swallows hard)


Maerdran Alyflower21

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