Borders Drawn in Blood

Finding a Horse and 2 Books

It’s just after midnight and we are preparing to cross a city at war. And then planning to sneak into the Cavil compound. Why you ask? Well only to kill Lord Cavil, his witch of a Daughter, the captain of the guard and per Rosa’s request burn the house to the ground. Yes the five of us. A young woman who has not lifted a weapon yet, but does have a lovely singing voice. A young Venician man, whose ability to hide is unquestioned, but is still learning tactics. A German solider, who is more comfortable in the wilderness with a bow than hand to hand in a city. A Lombard Soldier, who claims to talk to God, and can produce real miracle. And me, a very tall Arab, who claims to be able to talk to his raven, Layil. We must be insane to think this will work. But I must at least appear confident otherwise the rest will fall apart and we will all die in this war zone of a town.
So off we go leaving Corrina, our servant, in the care of Nico and Gino our guards. We do not encounter a single soul on the streets as we cross town to Rosa’s old tower house. The place has been looted bot the secret door in the basement has not been discovered. All too soon we are in the crypts under the Cavil estate. we encounter our first obstacle, a rotted wooden stair case that will not support Dominic, let alone my weight. With some clever patch work from Ettore, we eventually make it to the top. Hopefully we can find another way out because going down will be just as difficult, especially if we are being chased.
The stairs lead to what appears to be an old roman cellar. My sunrod in Lila’s hand does not illumniate as much of the darkness as I would like. Ettore continues exploring ahead of us at the edge of the light, when we hear some erattic scraping or pounding. None of us is sure what it is, but when confronted with a choice of 2 hallways we continue toward the sound. Our Light reveals a large columned room with an unlit brazier in the center. The noise is coming from far side of the room, it’s a Horse!! The white horse was once a magnificent animal, but it has been starved and is covered in hundreds small cuts some of which appear over a week old. The horse continues to try and stand but is to weak to do so. Dominic rushes to the horse’s side and begins to tend it’s wounds. He even goes so far as to give it God’s blessing. This miracle closes some of the wounds and gives the horse the strength to stand. Dominic announces the horses name is Ghost. Who am I to argue, I named my black raven Layil, which means night in Arabic.
As the room appears to be a dead end, we head back to the other hallway. The horse following Dominic like a puppy. Now I really want to find another way out, I really doubt Ghost will make it down the rotted stairs. The second hallway leads to another columned room with pools of slimey green water partially cover the floor. Ettore motions for silence as he sees a light to the east coming from a room beyond this one. We cautiously cross the large room only to find an unholy shrine ion the far side. The upside down cross had a body nailed to it. Once we are closer someone observes that the body might be Lord Cavil’s son. As the body is a young boy with a crushed shoulder. And according to Corrina Lord Cavil Killed both his wife and son with a single blow from his war maul.
Ettore moves closer to the room where the light is and reports hearing a woman’s voice speaking a language unfamilar to him.
We cover the sunrod witha sack and as stealthily as possible approach the light. In the rom we see another brazier, this one is lit but the light is oddly dim. On the far side is a woman chanting in front of another unholy cross, This one is surrounded by candles and has a female corpse nailed to it. I beleive we have found Lady cavil and the woman chanting is her daughter.
As we have no been discovered yet, I charge the woman. My scimitar connects with something, but the body dissolves into thin air. That was easy!! But no, She steps from behind a column further into the room, but she is ignoring a me! And ignoring Dominic and Freidrich who have moved into the room behind me. She moves until she can see Lila hiding behind the column nearest the entrance. She calls to Lila, saying “Victoria why are you hiding from me? Come out and join me as we are on the same side.” Yet another person has confused our Lila with the nobles daughter Victoria she grew up with. Lila respond saying she is not this Victoria.
Dominic charges the woman, invoking the stength of God to smite the her, he lands a fearsome blow with his long sword. Instead of dropping she steps back and gestures and the sward shatters in Dominic’s hand. she truly is a witch. Freidrich and I join the fight and inflict minimal damage. Dominic, angered by the loss of his long sword, switches to his short sword, and again invoking Gods strength. He smites the witch, inflicting a second fearsome wound. I am certain damage the witch had taken would have killed me. She takes another arrow hit from Freidrich. Ettore appears at the edge of the light, but hesitates closing with the witch. She then steps into the darkness behind piller and once again dissolves into thin air. She used the deivls foul magic to escape our justice. With her departure the light from the brazier and candles resume a normal radiance. She was causing the light to dim.
We search the rooms finding 2 books, one is the Corvo family history. But the second is bound in human skin the writing on the cover is in Arimaic, translate is roughly as the book of the dead. While I am doing that Dominic is examining the corspe on the cross. He then invokes God’s power over the body and instructs me to burn is. Lila calls from the other room saying Dominic needs to fix the other body as well. We burn the boys corpse as well. finding on one stair case going up we decide to retreat, figuring the witch has alerted the housed hold by now. We dismantle the crosses and use the timbers as a ramp down the rotted staircase, horse and all. We are masking our tracks through the crypt when we hear many armed men coming. Into the secret door we go, wedging the timbers inside to hold it closed. Coming out of the tunnel into Rosa’s basement, we are confronted by Rosa’s surviving man. He is surprised we returned with a horse. We tell him we are being followed and that we need to speak to Rosa as soon as possible, as we were only partially successfully. He disappears down the tunnel and starts a fire at the other end. We leave for our house, again the streets are deserted. Back at the house everyone is fine, but Corrina still has not slept, she looks ready to collapse. During the night a scimitar weilding man enters Lila’s room and tells her his mistress demands an audience with her in the morning. Lila is histerical when she comes into the common room. No one gets much sleep for the rest of the night. The book of then dead yeilds nothing. But the Book of Corvo shows the familyu being ressurected by the bastard son of the anti pope under the name Durrante. the puzzle pieces being to fall into place.
Rosa is at our door first thing in the morning. We show her the books and tell her our story. She promises guards and an audience with Con Grande. Saying the evidence in the books will doom the Cavil family. The guards show up and the day passes uneventfully. We are escorted to Con Grande’s castle where a celebration appears to have been set up. Freidrich introduces himself and Lord Guelph. Con Grande laughs and says no you are not….Allah help us now what…


Well I tried pulling off our act, guess he recognized us. I just hope he is too happy with our finding to send us back to the noose. >.>

Finding a Horse and 2 Books

Very detailed, nice job.

Alex did you really have to bring that up lol

Finding a Horse and 2 Books

Very nice, Jim. Don’t doubt yourself, Alex. You never know, The Dog might be drunk …

Finding a Horse and 2 Books

I am just saying whats on everybody’s mind :P

Finding a Horse and 2 Books

The noose is too good for the lot of you!

Very good job Jim, thanks for the write up.

Finding a Horse and 2 Books
Maerdran Raven65

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