Borders Drawn in Blood

How big is an African Hoard?

Well Congrande’s army is occupying the city of Vincenza. Taking over buildings and displacing citizens, the town is in chaos. The Sfortza’s still hold the Basilica but only because no effort has been made to remove them yet.
We track down Congrande at the Large villa he appropriated and make our report. He is with his nephew Mastino and another nobleman, whom is introduced as Enric Ghibbeline, heir to the house, as his great uncle and other relative were killed in the over through of Milan. Interestingly House Guelph has been placed in power, but nobody seems to know by who. As Congrande is now at war with house Guelph, Freidrich can no longer pose as Lord Guelph in Verona. Congrande says he will find us another name to use when it is necessary. I can see that Freidrich is disappointed, he liked being a nobleman. Personally I think it is overrated…
Congrande praises our work in Vincenza and mentioned that his army encountered some of my country men camped outside the city. A fight broke out between them and some of his soldiers when the soldiers assaulted a woman from the camp. The fight, while brief, left many dead soldiers as the Africans were both fast and deadly. Congrande is curious as to why them then executed the woman who was assaulted? I told him that she should have fought harder and that a despoiled woman is put to death according to Allah’s law.
Congrande then dismisses Mastino and Enric (which annoys them) so he can talk to us privately. He would like us to travel to southern Lombardy where the Ghibbeline forces are gathering and size up the army and make sure the alliance is valid and that he is not tying himself to a sinking ship in the Ghibbeline cause. We agree Helping take back Milan would get us one step closer to restoring Victoria to her family holdings in Como. Before we are done talking Dominic goes into a trance, when he comes out of it he gets up and says we need to get pitch and leaves the room. Congrande dismisses the rest of us at that point with a questioning look in Dominic’s direction, We just shrug.
Dominic finds a wagon and begin to collect Pitch from the gatehouses. After we collect a dozen I appropriate a mule from the army to pull the wagon. We end up with a total of 28 clay Pots of pitch before Dominic is satisfied. As that took us until mid afternoon, we are going to wait until tomorrow to get our horses from the farm and leave.
I suggest we take a look at the Hoard of the Hunter to see how large it is and if we only killed a follower not the leader.
At evening outside the City we see the camp in the distance. The non stealthy members of the party are not going to be able to approach unseen so we send Ettore and Friedrich forward to get a better look. I send Layil out to keep an eye on them.
After what seems like hours Layil comes back and says they were spotted. I sprint down the road for the camp, hoping I don’t have to rescue them. The shouting I hear dies down before I get close, this could be very bad. But before I am spotted by the perimeter guards, Friedrich calls to me and he and Ettore step out of the brush beside the road. We quickly retreat back up the road toward the rest of the party. Ettore tells us there are between 20 and 30 people in the camp. 4 wield dual scimitars, some wield 2 weapons like I do and still more use shield and spear. There are many robed woman as well, and if they all fight like the woman at the gate we will all be slaughtered. We hopefully we can leave without them following us.
We head back to our Inn to find it packed with displaced towns folk. but the ones in our room clear out with just a look. We set guard shifts, and after midnight are awakened by sounds of a fight. Fearing the worst we arm ourselves and head downstairs. It is just Norman Mercenaries fighting with Italian soldiers over wine. Lila shouts at them in French and the fight is made moot when 2 of the soldiers drop the cask and break it while they are trying to sneak it out of the room.
We greet another blessed sunrise, Allah has protected us through another night.
After breakfast, we buy the mule from the army and take our wagon full of pitch with us out to the farm where our horses are. As we get close to the Hoard encampment I hide under the wagon tarp and we clear the camp uneventfully.
It takes most of the day to get to the farm as the mule does not move very fast. Do we really need all this pitch?? Or has Dominic really lost his mind this time? We spend an undisturbed night at the farm and get an early start the next morning. The only issue we have is when Dominic tries to hitch Freidrich and my war horses up to the wagon so it will move faster. We compromise and hitch to of the other horses to the wagon, and have Gino and Lila ride on the wagon.
Two nights later I am kicked awake by Dominic, and see him hit by am arrow. I hear Ettore grunt as he too is struck by an arrow. We are under attack!!!
On opposite sides of the camp Dominic and Ettore rush the archers as the rest of us rise and arm ourselves. Out of the darkness charges 2 of the dual scimitar wielding men, followed by several of the spear and shield fighters. Ettore and Nico take down one of the Archers and Ettore disappears into the darkness after someone else again. One of these times he will rush into a trap! There could be dozens of men in the darkness if the entire hoard has descended on us. He needs to learn to stay closer to the group. Dominic Kills the other Archer he closed with and disappears in the darkness behind his wagon. Ghost, Gino and I close with the closest scimitar man, while Friedrich fills him with arrows. I unleash my hatred on the other scimitar man and he flinches from my gaze. Lila is singing in the background, staying 1/2 way between the fight and the darkness. The 1st scimitar wielder goes down as the Spear fighters join the fight. The second Scimitar man Starts carving his way through our group wounding everyone and ending his move near Freidrich. Nico and Ghost engage a Spearman, I fight 2 others splitting ones hand open, so he drops his spear and cutting the hand off the other killing him. Gino closes with the other Scimitar man and Friedrich shoots more arrows then collapses to the ground. Lila suggests the man go back to Africa and forget about Nizar. We hear fighting in the darkness so Ettore is still alive. Dominic chases another Archer back into the firelight. The Scimitar man carves another path through the group and ends standing next to a terrified Lila. She sings a different song and the man calls out in Arabic, “someone guide him, as he can not see”. Nico and Ghost finish the other fighter. The Sounds of fighting stop in the Darkness, hopefully Ettore won. The Rest of us ignore the last archer and the wounded man and surround the Blind man, landing some grievous blows. He fights on, very formidable even if blind. I thought I saw Him sever Dominic’s thumb but it was just a bad vision. Even though when he was finished Dominic was severely wounded. Nico Charges the blind man and strikes him down with a mighty hit from his great sword. We have won, thank Allah there were only 10 of them…
But where are the other???


Wow it sounds like it was quite a battle. Let’s hope they think twice before sending more.

How big is an African Hoard?

I like the part where you leave out that Friedrich fell flat on his face and stayed there for half of the fight, due to the player rolling a fumble. :P

How big is an African Hoard?

Excellent write up, Jim.

How big is an African Hoard?
Maerdran Raven65

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