Borders Drawn in Blood

Love and War Part 2

Three years to explore. Three years to be master of my own destiny; I wake up when I wish and retire when I wish. I am free to roam the streets of Verona … oh, but they are nothing like the old streets of Venice I once knew! Oh, how my heart yearns to return. For now, Verona must suit my needs. For it is here I found my love, my one and only, Viola. Oh, if you knew my true feelings in my heart. If only you felt the same for me as I to you. Maybe one day you will.

I have become very familiar with the streets of Verona during this time. I have also been spending a lot of time with our soldiers on the estate, sparing with them; teaching them some of the things that Nizar has taught me. Nicco and Gino are good company as well. I consider them as close a friend as Nizar and the others.

::battle cries, swords clanging, men shouting:: I notice that the cluster of enemy soldiers I was moving in to engage have some how become stunned. Some are even prone! Now is my chance! ::marching enemy soldiers increase in volume over the noise of battle:: I must move back!

Nizar, Dominic, The Dog, and I attempt to close the gates … all the dead are making this task more difficult than it should be. I recite a silent prayer for them as I close the gate.

That reminds me, I remember hearing something about another wave of allies coming to our aid… I wonder what is holding them up. I overhear something about encountering enemy soldiers. I only hope they are as successful as we are.

“Keep him alive!” shouts Can Grande. I turn to look and he is referring to San Bonafacio.

Viktoria and the others discuss plans – for the immediate future and their intentions for the next year. Their voices kind of fade away as I stand taking in all of this: all this death, this blood, and this destruction. I believe that I will never get used to this. I find a spot to sit, pray, and clean my daggers as I await the rest of my party. Thoughts stray toward Viola…

Another year to be at the mercy of my own desires, so this time I focus more of my attention on my sweet Viola.

We ready for Milan and the Snow Valley Men accompany us. We are to assess the situation there. I must say Viktoria has impressed me. Being handed responsibilities she’s never had before and having to make decisions she’s never made before, she seems to be dealing with them with the utmost maturity. I have a newfound respect for her. I wish for her sake alone that we are successful with all of this; I do not want all of her efforts to be in vain.

We arrive at a quaint little bridge and a small group of men appear to be guarding it, requiring a toll in order for others to cross. Viktoria begins talking to them and I get a little impatient. I toss the man the required payment and begin to cross. I stop and think, these are men just trying to get by. I noticed the condition of the lands all around here on our journey so far. We have a fairly large group of men with us that are more than likely not going to be as cooperative with paying such a toll. I don’t want unnecessary bloodshed over a mere toll. I calculate the cost for those men and toss the same man a coin pouch. “We have a fairly large group of men with us who will be here shortly. I don’t want any problems. Here is the coin for their passage.” … “You’re very welcome.” I look at Viktoria and Nizar then turn around to continue crossing.

Friederich and the Snow Valley Men find a suitable camp about a day and a half away from the gates of Milan. Viktoria gives them instructions before we head over there to investigate. We decide to take our horses. Surprisingly, we notice no guards along the wall. We manage to climb up and scan the area. Sights and smells rise of The Sickness when suddenly we hear people talking/shouting and sounds of a struggle. A group of three or four drags a woman from a shanty and devours her on the street. My body shivers as I look away. I pray silently for that woman.

There is a second wall, an inner wall, surrounding a cathedral and two spires. Armored guards are formed there; those walls are manned. Suddenly, emerging from the spires is a murder of crows. They circle the cathedral once before heading in our direction. Time to move! Halfway to our camp we don’t hear the crows nor see them. I hope the night is uneventful….


Nice Alyson, but really Venice has too much water. Nizar did not like being trapped by the canals. :-)

Love and War Part 2

That was great Alyson. I thinks it’s funny how Ettore is so smitten with Viola. It’s sweet.

Love and War Part 2

::chuckles:: Yea, Nizar is very picky with his environments isn’t he ;]

Yea … he’s a bit of a romantic I guess … he still says prayers for people he doesn’t know … trying to give him character

Love and War Part 2
Maerdran Alyflower21

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