Borders Drawn in Blood

So close...and yet so damn far

Escape of the Nija Sister

I am not sure how, but we managed to survive a battle against the 4 remaining Sisters after a long drawn out battle with Donato Dell’Aqui that same evening. We had hoped to have at least one nights rest at the inn before facing the Sisters. We should have known better than to actually try to get rest at an inn. We don’t have the best track record with that.

We have one unconscious Sister, a street full of dead city guard, and a whole town full of people watching us at this point. We opt for the hasty retreat, gather our horses, a few extras, and the Sister, and make our way out of town. In leaving we noticed that there were no guards at the city gates. This seems very odd but we don’t have time to figure out why at this point. We head a few hours outside of town and try to get some rest.

We need to keep the Sister unconscious so we can deal with her after we are able to heal and regain our strength. In order to make sure she stays unconscious the men beat on her every hour. It seems cruel, but it is necessary. She would surely wake up and kill us all. I imagine someone looking upon this scene would call us mad. I admit it seems unbelievable to me that we have to beat up on a helpless woman when surrounded by such an able bodied group. Ahh, if she were only a woman and not inhabited by an evil demon.

In the morning Fredrich reminds of us his plan to exorcise the beast from within the woman. He has thought of quite an elaborate and plausible plan. However, none of us know how to exorcise a demon and in the end we opt for ending her as we did the other Sisters. These Sisters have to be killed not once, like normal people, but twice!! You see they rise up once slain with the same powers they seem to have had in life. It is insanely disturbing to watch this happen. The unimaginably powerful creatures falling in battle only to rise up seconds later to continue their onslaught.

Fredrich commands his abomination, created out of Donato, to strike the final Sister and drain her of some of her strength. Then Dominic gathers all of his strength and powers granted to him by Our Lord and plunges his sword into her chest. But something is wrong. The body disappears and she is gone. We try to sense her but fail. According to Darknato she was still alive when Dominic hit her. So that means she is either now un-dead and loose or alive and still free. Either way this is bad news. In hind sight we probably should have given Fredrich’s plan a try.

We decide to travel to Lido, then try and hire a boat to take the group, with all of our horses, to Poveglia to track down the final Sister. We were on our way when a farmer stopped us and Darknato tried to screw us over by showing himself to the terrified farmer. A little bit of soothing by me and he seems to calm down. He suggested we head to Mestre to hire a boat for our trip. After we discussed it we decided to follow the farmer back to Mestre looking quite different than when we left hastily in the middle of last night.

We greet the stable master as though we have never met and I convince him to lets us hire a boat to leave for Lido immediately. Once on board I manage to persuade the captain to take us to Poveglia instead of Lido. He drops us off and then waits just offshore for us. We head into the center of the island and run into a group of people. They try to give us a hard time but are easily persuaded to stand aside. We then head smack into a group of un-dead abominations. Some look vaguely familiar. Guelph’s soldiers!!! This means the ghost of Guelph will soon be after us again.

We seem to be holding our own against the hordes of un-dead coming at us……



DARKNESS” …how ominous. Good job! See you soon.

So close...and yet so damn far

Yes, ominous indeed. Thanks to a diabolical DM.

So close...and yet so damn far

Very well done, Cheryl. Way to leave us hanging like in the game last week; I’m curious to see what happens next!

So close...and yet so damn far
Maerdran Goldenglade

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