Borders Drawn in Blood

The Corvo Must Die!

Well after a short rest in Pisa, and arranging for the care of the women and child, we leave for Venice hoping to find the Corvo Cardinal there and eliminate him once and for all. I do not know how Friedrich and Ettore can leave the ones they love, if I had really rescued Jasmine I would not be traipsing across Italy looking to kill these Satan worshippers. I would be leaving the country and finding a nice safe place to live and raise my family, Like Spain maybe.
We have a short uneventful trip to Florence, I did not even get to kill some bandits. This is our third time visiting this city and I hope we can leave without being chased this time. We stay at a moderately priced Inn that caters to merchants. They are serving pork and wine with dinner but only grumble a little at my request for chicken and hot water. Shortly after we retire for the evening Friedrich starts to clutch is stomach and vomits. There is a commotion in the hallway, Artigli is dragging a sick Ettore to the room shared by Dominic and “Lila”. I leave Friedrich there as well and go to check on Gino. He says his stomach is a little upset but is fine otherwise. We head back to the “sick” room, Lila says it is poison that is making everyone feel bad. I am fine but I did not drink the wine or eat the unclean pork.
Dominic has cured Ettore but will have to wait until morning to fix Freidrich, who is now unconscious.
Poison huh, I leave to question the Inn Keeper, but at the stair between the 1st and 2nd floor is enclosed in pitch blackness, and I hear no sound from the common room. I go back to our rooms on the 3rd floor and tell the others. We agree to investigate. Gino will stay to guard Friedrich, Ettore goes out the window. The rest of us head downstairs where I will beseech Allah to banish the foul darkness. Upon reaching the 1st floor I call upon Allah and his power once again triumphs over the evil that called the darkness.
The darkness collapses in upon itself revealing a slaughter house. All the people here are dead. Cut down by sword or dagger, and many have the black hand print over a dagger wound. This is Corvo henchman work! We need to leave. Dominic, Lila and Artigli head to the stables to ready the horses. Ettore and I go upstairs to get our gear and Friedrich. Lila has granted us the ability to speak to each other over the distance.
We have just started packing when Gino screams in pain as he is cut down by a black robed woman. She vanishes into a hole in the air before I can even move. I rush to Gino’s side in hopes that he is still alive and I can stop his bleeding until Dominic or Lila gets here. Before I reach him I a stabbed in the back by the black robed wench. I call on Allah to fill her mind with fear and kill her. But her will is strong and she resists. She stabs at me again, and I strike back. But some of my attacks miss because she blinks out of the way. I hate this evil sorcery… She vanishes into the hole in the air, bleeding from several hits Ettore and I delivered. Gino is indeed alive and Lila has him healed but still unconscious, when I collapse unable to move. I think several choice curses at the wench as my friends lug the 3 of us downstairs to the horses and we leave. Lila talks us through the gate, and we camp off the road several hours from the city.
Friedrich recovers first, then Gino and myself within seconds of each other.
The next day Ettore still feels like we are being followed. That night Ettore spots someone outside our camp and it turns out to be the Svortza archer we capture outside Vincenza.
He tells us that 2 of the 6 sisters are with him and mean to bring us to Venice to face Corvo , Guelph, Messini and some woman who appears to be in charge of them all. He says the Svortza’s are involved because they were promised the rule of Milan. But what he saw at the Inn was too much for him and he is leaving, but needed to warn us away from Venice to ease his conscience. We allow him to leave and still plan on going to Venice. Lila says we must kill Corvo, I say we add Guelph Messini and this woman to the list.
The next day we track Svortza and eventually find evidence of a running battle. we find tracks of his and his archer companion, but no sign of who they were fighting. They lost as we find both of them partially skinned and hanging from a tree. We cut the bodies down and give them a Christian burial. As we can’t track the sisters, we search for a place wait for the them to find us. We pick and open clearing, but that did us no good as they attacked that night. Dropping that darkness over camp and flanking Dominic, dealing him grievous wounds over and over. Leaving him standing, but on the brink of death. I call on Allah and his power shreds the darkness once again. Ettore flanks the sister we fought at the inn, hitting her with his dagger in the back. Dominic’s Greatsword bursts into holy flame as he calls upon god to smite this evil person. His final blow cleaves into her shoulder nearly severing her arm and she drops. The final opponent steps close to her sister picking her up, we all attack and just when we thought we had her the illusion vanishes, leaving only a blood stain where the first sister went down. I HATE EVIL SORCERY!!!


You and me both, Nizar! Excellent write up, sorry my comment is late =]

The Corvo Must Die!

I hate evil sorcery too :-) And Corvo!

The Corvo Must Die!
Maerdran Raven65

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