Borders Drawn in Blood

The Fall of the Sisters

All hell has broken lose. Ettore and Nizar, who have tried single handedly held three sisters at bay have fallen, “Darknato” has been hitting the heavy armored sister but each time he does she still manages to get a shot off at him. I am fighting another large shadow as Victoria hides in the lobby of the inn with Gino protecting her. Dominique charges the shadow I am fighting and deals a powerful strike against it, causing it to retreat into the ground. The sisters are closing in on the rest of us, the archer now back up from her short “nap” and has begun shooting arrows at us again. The heavy armored sister charges forward and Dominique moves to meet her, they exchange powerful blow after powerful blow to each other as the rest of us manage to take down another sister, fortunately this one is still breathing. I have Darknato move to help protect Victoria as she falls back to the rest of the group and takes on the archer sister. Ettore and Nizar have gotten back up, most likely because of Victoria’s help and begin to reenter the fight. The archer shoots her own sister who we just took down, killing her, and shoots Victoria a couple of times. Dominique connects with another mighty blow and brings down the armored sister in the process. We manage to take down the archer sister and we wait for the armored sister to move and once she did we manage to finish her off before she can even get back up. The sister that the archer just killed disappears, and most of us crowd around the final unconscious sister hoping to prevent the new dead sister from either taking her away or killing her too. All the while, Gino begins finishing off the still paralyzed guards. Darkness surrounds us, for a few tense moments we listen for movement, then I hear Arabic and the darkness leaves revealing the dead sister is standing right next to us. She flies up in the air, and as she does I hear a loud crack in my hands. I look at them only to see my bow crumble into splinters and dust. A moment of rage takes me for a moment, I look up at her, raise my fist and yell “Get back here you fat, dead, bitch!” I send Darknato after her and they engage in the air. Dominique sprouts wings, somehow….. and also begins fighting her. Nizar hands me his bow and the rest of us begin shooting at her. Dominique eventually is struck hard and falls back to earth. The sister envelops herself in shadow and hides among the buildings. We scan the upper floors of the buildings, looking for her. Someone calls out “There!” and we all begin shooting her, she then falls back to earth lifeless. We group back into the alley as Gino just is finishing off the guards. Quick tally: several guards down, 3 sisters dead and then re-dead, we are all injured some of us critically, one faithful bow destroyed, and we have a captured unconscious sister. I know most of our group wants to kill her quickly and be done with it but I have an idea to possibly save her, though I am sure I will have to convince my party to go along with it. I will only need a barrel of water, a small cage, a small woodland animal, and a very powerful holy man.


Okay I am laughing so hard at that last sentence I can barely see to write. I can’t even imagine what a man, who rips the souls from people, could possibly do with the items he mentioned to save the sister. I also question his definition of save.

Loved it Alex!

The Fall of the Sisters

Small woodland animal what the hell alex…

The Fall of the Sisters

Uh… and an eye-of-newt, don’t forget that.

Whatever it is, I think this plan is sound, with absolutely no possibility of backfiring in any way.

The Fall of the Sisters

I have no idea what you are talking about JJ :P

The Fall of the Sisters

What a way to end the write up; makes us all want to play now to see what you’re talking about. =]
Well done!

The Fall of the Sisters
Maerdran Alex_Padden

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