Borders Drawn in Blood

The Platemail Tortise and the Fire Hare

Across the stream the squad of White circle knights exchange bow fire with us. And aside from a lucky shot that severed Gino’s thumb, Dominic channels the power of his god and reattaches the thumb. We are winning the battle, when Victoria changes her song and some of the men start fighting amost themselves.
About then a fire bomb drops on the road behind us, the fire starts to slowly spread. Then Victoria gets hit by an arrow even though she is hiding behind a bush. She “suggests” that I make everyone invisible. So I channel Allah’s power and the knights can no longer see us as we start to cross the river. We are part way across and half of the group looses thier footing and begins to be washed down stream. The rest of is catch everyone but Pierre the mercenary. He becomes visible when he leaves my radius of power. The last we see of him is his battered body being drug underwater by the wieght of his platemail.
We finally reach the other shore, only to notice the fire, started by the guards signal torch, is spreading as well. We start up the road when a fire bomb drops on the road ahead of us. We are limited to Dominics pace as he is slowed by his heavy armor. Another bomb drops behind us, we are trapped unless we can make the gap between the cliff and the rapidly spreading fire. Move! Dominic move! We all pass Dominic and go single file, with the fire licking at our heels. Several of us become visible as they leave the radius of power to avoid being burned, but I don’t think anyone saw us because of the smoke and fire. Another fire bomb drops on the road ahead and another mad scramble and we are finally clear.
As we round the rocks and near the ruins on the hilltop, we find Lord Gelph on his war horse and even more disturbing one of the Undead plague victims on an undead horse. Worse yet he can see us and charges Ettore who is in the open, relying on the power of greater invisiblity Allah granted me. As we attack we become visible and Lord Gelph charges Dominic, dealing him a greivious blow. Ettore, Gino and Friedrich manage to take down the undead man and start in on the horse. When more men pour out of the ruin and begin fighting amongst themselves in the doorway. Dominic, Artigli and I are doing massive amounts of damage to Lord Gelph but he returns the favor dropping Dominic and turning his attention to me. Wounds open on his back as Ettore gets invloved. That “boy” can do some damage and Lord Gelph goes down. Artigli finishes the war horse. Other men are involved now as the fighting in the doorway stops because Messini killed the men effected by Victoria. And we see more in the building still. Freidrich drops one of the men filling him with arrows in seconds. Victoria heals us all, and Dominic heals himself. We are all still hurt some, but ready our selves for the next onslaught. Messini throws a Jeruselem cross on the ground and points to me. He is going to die today and Allah and I have a suprise in mind for him.


Surprise, hmm I hope it something wonderfully deadly for Messini :-)


A Nizar surprise? I expect something quick and bloody. :P


Wow, way to leave us hanging. =]

Maerdran Raven65

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