Borders Drawn in Blood

The Rescue?

After we cleaned up the signs of our fight, we move down the trail a ways and pick a spot to rest for the afternoon. We plan to attack at night, hopefully killing some in their sleep. With only 4 dead the odds are to far in the evil one favor still. But no matter the odds we must rescue the children. Allah why must the evil ones always harm children? Cowards all!!
I have Layil verify that the children are in the monks cells behind the chapel, and keep a watch for anyone leaving the abbey.
We do not make it to evening, it is only mid afternoon when Dominic stands up and walks out of camp toward the Abbey. What is he doing!?! He face is blank and he does not respond to our calls. He is controlled!! I pray to Allah to protect him, but it does not work and he keeps walking. I attempt to grapple him but something is lending him inhuman strength as he continues walking dragging Freidrich and I along. Lila is singing but gasps and stops walking her face is pale and very troubled.
We come within sight of the abbey and arrow swarm toward us. But strangely all of the arrows swerve and hit Dominic’s shield. Leaving everyone unharmed. Dominic then come back to himself and we slowly retreat back around the bend in the trail…
Now what? We have lost the advantage of surprise. On the way back to our resting place, Lila and Dominic start talking about some vision that “God” granted him and that we will be successful in our rescue attempt. Great Lila is losing her mind now too…
Just at nightfall, Layil tells me there 10 men on the way down the trail. We hear them coming, more men in plate mail by the sound. Dominic and I are praying for Strength and protection, when his shield begins to glow with a Slivery Cross. His God is with him as Allah is with me, it will be enough to make us victorious.
We hide in the trees along the path, well everyone but Dominic, hiding behind a very small tree, with a glowing shield!
As they approach Lila sings as little louder and the enemy begins to fight among themselves. One of the two Archers skewers on of the men in plate with and arrow and two other plate armored men turn on a third. Two men continue toward where we are “hiding” and the other Archer turns and runs off. When the men get close enough, I step out and kill him in one hit, spilling his guts to the ground. Dominic does the same with the other. Freidrich is shooting at the rest and Ettore is missing like normal. Hopefully the boy will not popup too far from the rest of us.
The enemies in-fighting continues as we approach. I kill a second and a third, Allah has lent my arm strength. Layil is alarmed, he can hear screaming coming from the abbey. As Ettore kills the last of the evil men. We all hear the screams of two voices, a woman and a man. We sprint for the abbey.
The screams fade as we reach the open ground and a flurry of crossbow bolts meets us. Ettore dives for the cover of the cliff side shadows, I pray to Allah to hide me from the sight of the infidels and Freidrich takes cover behind a two wheeled cart. Freidrich bolts for a window 12’ up and catches the sill and pulls himself through. My first attempt is not so successful, at least the infidels did not see me fail. Dominic finally catches up, with Lila and he hiding behind his tower shield. Ettore break cover and bolts for the front door, attempting to unbar them from the outside. Freidrich and I have discovered that the bell tower does not connect to the main building! Damn a jump and climb for nothing… the first one is going to bruise.
The bar clatters to the ground and Ettore opens the doors wide. Inside we see an Altar at the far end of the pillared room. There is a limp body of a woman is draped over the blood covered altar. And a man is chained to the right wall. There are two doorways in the left wall one close and one by the altar. I move to the closest one and see two armored guards waiting out of sight. the rest of the group moves into the room. Ettore toward the man hanging from the shackles, Freidrich and Dominic toward the far doorway, with Lila following cautiously, she begins to sing wincing as she does. The Guards do not see me, Allah is still protecting me from their evil sight, and I hear prayers being chanted further in. The Guelph Prince is kneeling in a courtyard praying. If I can get close enough I can kill him before he stands. I must move very quietly though. Sounds of fighting breakout near the other doorway. The Prince stands and walks toward the fight. Damn I missed my opportunity, moving with too much haste one of the other guards stationed around the room hears me move and alerts the others that someone invisible is in the room. Several move to protect the prince and block the doorway. Well six to one are not that bad of odds. The prince chants a prayer and I move next to him silently this time. One of his men turns and stabs at him. His full plate armor saves him though. Two of the other men move to kill the “Traitor” and the Prince tells the rest to go join the fight. As he turns his back to me and walks away I strike. I draw blood but not enough. He turns on me and slams his sword through my chain shirt and into my chest, Allah the hurt but worse I can feel the evil blade pull more blood from my body and drinking it. I attack with Scimitar and Kukri dealing several grievous blows but he does not drop his sword or fall. I glare at him and he appears troubled by the look in my eye, perhaps he sees his death there. I step and place a pillar at my back, I can see my friends out numbered in their fight as well. Only the do I notice another guard coming up from behind me. He is inept, but the Prince is not, I parry the Prince’s first swing but the second lands solidly and the room fades to black as I collapse to the ground… Allah I have failed my freinds


Okay Jim, you sent me a text saying I was alive but some are not. From your write up does that mean you or are there others? I am hoping you just went unconscious and stopped writing. Are we still fighting? Ahhhhh the suspense is killing me.

The Rescue?

Wow, very nicely done Jim. I like how you closed; eery…

The Rescue?

We stopped the session at the end of the round I dropped. We are still fighting

The Rescue?
Maerdran Raven65

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