Borders Drawn in Blood

The Trap Worked (sort of)

After spreading our rumors, we buy supplies for a couple of weeks and head back to the ruins in the swamp at the south end of the island.
We wait for 8 days and then at night during Victoria, Artigili and Gino’s guard shift, I am woken up to hear a man’s voice in conversation with Victoria. He is spinning some BS about running from the law and coming here to hideout. Victoria moves outside flanked by Dominic and I, the man appears from nowhere at the top of some ruined stairs. He releases an effect at me and I drop screaming in agony and deafend. Victoria has been playing her harp all the while, and when she moves to get closer she runs into something invisible. She moves left then right running into something each time. So she releases her song, there is the sound of armored men clattering to the ground. Dominic prays over me and my agony subsides. All the while Friedrich, Gino and Artigili launch arrows at him. The man, we can now see is Donato, points at Artigili, and Artigili shouts he can not see. He drops to the ground inside the ruin, getting out of sight. Ettore rushes toward Donato only to trip on the invisible bodies. I regain my feet and ask Allah for the blessing of seeing invisible things. There are a total of 18 plague collectors, 9 collapsed at the base of the stair and 9 more to the left, 3 of which begin firing arrows at me. Damn they hurt as I am struck by multiple arrows. Friedrich and Gino begin firing at the soldiers, but the hit me with another volley. Donato the releases another song and we are stunned and hurt by the sound. And before Ettore, Dominic and I can reach the top of the stair Donato shouts again, this time only hurting some of us and a lot of his own men, but we are knocked prone. We rise again only to see Donato vanish into the floor. Victoria says he is within a quarter mile and we must find him. She also banished the invisibility on the men, saying they are only paralyzed. Ettore, Gino and Donimic start to slaughter the helpless evil men. While Friedrich, Artigili and I race for the beach where I believe he has a boat. Yes Artigili his blindness wore off. Victoria and Friedrich vanish leaving Artigili and I to run down the twisted path to the beach. as we reach the beach Friedrich is there trying to hide in the bushes. He says he has not seen Donato , but there is his boat. Friedrich then releases 5 arrows at me and I drop to the ground “dead”. Friedrich’s Shadow attacks Artigili, but he is unharmed. Victoria then appears flying with angel wings about 15 feet in the air. Well that is new!! She then dispels Friedrich’s mind control. everyone takes cover and Victoria heals all of us. We can hear Dominic and Gino running toward the battle. Ettore is silent as always. I stand and use Allah’s blessing to glitter dust the invisible Donato, so everyone knows where he is. We close with him and Victoria heals us again. Friedrich contects with several arrows, Artigili hits him several time using the flat of his sword and shield to due subdual damage. I wade in with a ponce attack and remove his arm at the elbow with my Kukri. Play your damned lute now you bastard!! and my final hit renders him unconscious. We won… sort of.


Great write up… I just remembered how far into this damn campaign we are in…

The Trap Worked (sort of)

“Play your damned lute now you bastard!!” Best line, and most suitable!
Needless to say, great write up; sorry I’m so late reading it

The Trap Worked (sort of)
Maerdran Raven65

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