Borders Drawn in Blood

The World According to Ettore

Note: Ettore would not have written this down … it would have been told. While he can read canal signs in order to navigate his gondola and simple notes, he does not have command of the written Venetian language.

::sighs; relaxes:: We made it to Venice finally. I was so excited about seeing my mother and father. I missed them so much… a little anxious about them meeting my new friends too. I hoped that they had not found my broken gondola!

I lead the group around because I knew where to go. I felt important, like I was helping out. We sold some stuff and had to sell our mule. I got new clothes; I have armor and a dagger of my own!

::lowers voice slightly:: I killed someone with it. I snuck up behind him in an alley. We think he was working with the same bad guys that took me and Lilo and others.

When I got home, my family wasn’t there. ::eyes water:: I got really upset and scared. We figured out that my family was taken by the same bad guys that took me and probably killed them.
::cries:: I saw so much blood.

::sighs; relaxes:: All we found was a note. I still have it. ::takes it out, stares at it, puts it back in pocket:: Nothing was there; all I have now are my memories.

Lilo insisted on going back to the house he stayed in so he could get something. I’m guessing it is something important if he is standing his ground about it. He won’t tell us what it is.

::excitedly:: The house was the same house my best friend and I tried to break in to! Through the window I saw something that really scared me; the club thing that a bad guy used to kill my friend. ::eyes water again:: …

::shivering slightly; anxious:: I feel really scared.

::sighs deeply:: I’ve never been so tired.

I hope this all ends soon …


LOL!!! wow no detail at all, not even in chronological order…just like a kid.
good job Alyson. :-)

The World According to Ettore

That was great Alyson. I loved your expressions.

The World According to Ettore

Thanks, Jim & Cheryl. =]

The World According to Ettore
Maerdran Alyflower21

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