Borders Drawn in Blood

Truths Revealed

So the truth finally comes out, the whole reason why we seem to be chased from one part of Italy to another finally reveals itself. I must say I am impressed on how one child can get into so much trouble in such a short lifetime. Well at least we know a little bit more about who we are against, where Lilo came from, and who the hell this Luca guy really is. It is strange that she lived in Como but the people chasing her say that she is from Milan. Either they have the wrong girl or they just think she is from Milan. Though we had to get our priorities strait and at the moment finding a place to stay was our top priority. We fortunately found an inn that was still standing, unfortunately the owner seems to be charging an outrageous price for the rooms because of the chaos. There were a couple of guards from the Mafai and De la Costas families, which were both destroyed in the fighting, there also looking for rooms. To our surprise Nizar offered to pay for their rooms. Why that copper pincher decided to do that was anyone’s guess, it must be a mutual respect for soldiers, which might be why he has put up with Dominique and I for so long. Some of the other guards started picking fights with each other which meant they were sleeping in the cold tonight. They were found dead the next day, apparently they tried to pick a fight with someone else a little less patient.

The next day we learn that Rosa has found us accommodations, a house that used belonged to an out of luck family who was slaughtered during the turmoil. What’s even better is that the family had Holy Roman roots so I will be posing as the head of the family. Ha if only meine mutter and vater could see me now, Fredrich Meztger: land owner. I like the sound of it, even if it is just an act. While we were getting settled in, Ettoree and Lilo- err- Lila decided to find out more about the Lady Cavil by asking the servants. Not exactly the sneakiest of ways of doing it, but I don’t have any better ideas. The first try didn’t amount to much but the second day paid off. We not only got the information we needed, we managed to somehow get a servant for the house. Our “refugee” is utterly scared of the Cavils, and rightly so. Not only did the Lord Cavil kill both his wife and sun, but the daughter seemed to calm his blood rage with a mere touch and a word. Now I am not sure who is in charge of the family, the Lord or the Lady. Now they have been taking servants out of the city to be killed. If they just didn’t want witnesses, they could have just hired some thugs or even the guards to kill them and no one would have given a thought to missing servant girls. Whats the purpose of bringing them out of the city? Speaking of guards, Nizar managed to find us two guards for the house, and in odd coincidence they were two guards that Nizar bought rooms for. Afterward we sent a message out to Rosa saying we had some news and to my surprise, she showed up herself. Personally I am glad to see she is keeping a close eye on what has been happening, because to me, this seems much bigger then anyone of us had originally thought. Rosa agreed to our plan to find out where they have been taking the girls so we headed out that night.

After several hours of travel, Carine takes us out side the city to a grove of trees in between two fields. Ettoree and I move ahead of the group, acting as scouts in case there is an ambush waiting for us. I move closer to the tree line, something smells like death, flashbacks to previous battles comes to the front of my mind. I peer into the shadowy grove, a small mound seems to be in the center. Ettoree startles me as he sneaks up right next to me, how does he keep doing that? As Ettoree and I move into the grove, someone from the rest of the party lights a torch and they begin to follow us in. I reach the mound to find a pit has been dug next to it, the smell permeating from it. My palms become sweaty as I work up the courage to peer down into the massive stench filled hole. As I slowly move my head so that it hovers over the pit, the light from the approaching torch slowly illuminates the dark bottom of the shaft. I am not a stranger to death but what I saw ran a chill through my spine. Five bodies all with the skin from their chest was peeled back. Some of them were rotten to the point where you couldn’t tell if they were even a man or a woman. I can hear Ettoree begin to cry, can’t blame him this time. I hear the rest of the party approaching and I turn to make sure that Carine isn’t with the rest of the party, don’t want her to see her mother like this. I think Lila saw the look on my face because she immediately stopped and wouldn’t go any farther. Eventually she does look, which causes her to erbrechen whatever was left of her dinner, poor girl. Nizar says this is satans work but I still have my money on witchcraft, though I fear we both might be right. After discussing for a moment why someone would have done this, Dominique begins to stare at the torch in Nizar’s hand, and then begins to push us out of the area, saying that the trees are evil and that there is fire where the hearts of the bodies are suppose to be. As we quickly escape back to the city, Dominique confesses that he has been hearing the voice of God whenever he looks into fire. Not sure if he is ybergeschnappt or he really is hearing God but whatever is going on has gotten us out of trouble several times so at this point I am not going to argue with him. Unlike the other times before though, we do manage to get out of the area and back home without being attacked.

The next morning Lila and I decide to get me new armor and clothes, so that I look like an official land owner, while Nizar sends word to Roza on what we found. Though I found nice armor ok, I am so glad I brought Lila for the other part, I had no idea what I was doing. Sure I could find a decent pair of pants but apparently the ones I picked out weren’t “in season” or were “last year’s fashion”. As we returned, we found the Dominique suited for battle with a small child, who had a small club, in the doorway to the house. I recognized the boy but it took a reminder from Dominique before I realized that he was Rosa’s son. He tells us that his mother sent him here because their house was under attack. After telling our guards to put the boy under house arrest, we quickly moved to Rosa’s house. We reach the house to see the remnants of the skirmish between Rosa’s guards and Cavil guards still taking place outside her home with the rest of the fight now taking place inside. We dispatch the guards on the street and on the rooftops and move into the house. We are stopped at the doorway by about 13 more men and their captain, who from what I hear has a nasty reputation. As we fight our way into the building, the Cavil guards manage to break down the door to the second story and move up the stairs to undoubtedly kill everyone inside. After what feels like far too long, we manage to dispatch the remaining guards downstairs and we now rush up the stairs to get to the remaining guards who have now disappeared to the second story. I just hope we aren’t too late.


Hey Alex, very good; very thorough. It’s nice to get Friederich’s internal dialogue about things. The ever thoughtful and pragmatic German!

Truths Revealed

Excellent job Alex. I hope we aren’t too late either. I also hope we can handle what we are about to face.

Truths Revealed
Maerdran Alex_Padden

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