Borders Drawn in Blood

Hail the Conquering Heroes

As we pick through the remnants of our fallen foes, we hear a loud commotion originating from where we started this fight. Fearing another ambush, I see Ettore creeping up to the intersection to investigate. He yells back that it is a bunch of villagers celebrating. He quickly moves down the street, Nizar and Victoria following closely behind. Let them celebrate, I am more than happy collecting this coin as they do. As I begin to finish up, the yelling becomes louder and I can hear many footsteps coming this way. A large mass of people come moving down the street. I can make out only a few words through the clamor, when suddenly Victoria seems to meld out of the crowd and looks at me, “Come on Fredrich, we are taking the Basilica!”. …What? You can’t just send untrained men into combat, no matter how many of them there are or how much shoddy armor the just picked up. In my old army, we used them to move battering rams into place or arrow fodder-…. uh oh.

I quickly chase down the crowd, but the people are so bunched together that I can’t get through. The only person I recognize is Nizar, only because he sticks out like a soar thumb in this sea of Venetians, and he is far forward into the chaos of people. I hope he is near her. We reach the basilica and what I thought would happen, happened. The guards retreat into the walls and begin turning the front row of villagers into pin cushions. The rest of the crowd backs off to outside the basilica square where it becomes a mass of confusion with the ones in the back pushing forward and the ones in front pushing back. After a while the crowd slowly disperses, leaving only our party and the unfortunate ones left in the street. We quickly leave the basilica and head back to our inn, the inn-keeper both surprised and horrified to see us in our blood stained outfits. He begins drawing us a bath without even asking a question. We head up to our rooms as we wait, upon entering our room we find a cat statue sitting on a table. Nizar quickly picks it up, it breaks in his hand and sand begins pouring out. He goes white and tells us it is a threat from an insane assassin. What kind of assassin threatens with a cat? Who ever this guy is, he has got to be scary, I have never seen Nizar afraid like this before. We finish cleaning up and at the end of the day we head to bed, we make sure guard shifts are covered for tonight.

The next morning we scope out the gate house facing Verona, only to find it deserted. Apparently we killed most of the guard yesterday, this should make things easy. So, we grab a bunch of provisions, lock ourselves in the gate house, and proceed to wait it out here. Etorre seems to be getting bored and begins pacing the room but I don’t mind the break, I could use the rest and I spend my time making a “Cangrande flag” to let the army know that we succeeded in opening the gate. The night comes without incident, however, during the night we get a knock at the door. A man speaks in a language I can’t understand, I think its the one that Nizar speaks. They begin talking through the door while Ettore heads up top to check if there is anyone else with him. He says there isn’t and Nizar lets him in. The man who enters is lanky and dark skinned with two scimitars at his back. He moves past us and begins boiling water. Is this ‘the hunter’ that Nizar was worried about, if so I am not impressed. Once the water is boiled he begins drinking tea and talking with Nizar in the language I can’t understand. Why must they speak in some weird language, cant they just speak what we all speak? The only thing I can understand is Victoria’s comments, including “he is the most polite assassin ever”. I wont argue with her there. After a while the other man gets up and begins moving toward the door, they say a few more things, then suddenly Nizar draws his sword and advances toward him. The man quickly pulls out his swords and advances toward Victoria and I. He moves like no one I have ever seen, its like he is a whirling mass of blades gliding through the room. He quickly takes down Victoria and begins slashing at me, almost slicing my armor in half. I was wrong, color me impressed. The rest of us engage him, Nizar, Dominic, Nicco and Geno surround him and begin cutting him open. We manage to deal some damage to him before he tries to get away, however we do manage to take him down before he escapes. After we take him down, we hear more commotion coming up the stairs, Ettore is up there. Geno, Nicco, and I move up stairs to help him while Nizar and Dominic help Victoria. We move up stairs to see Ettore wrestling with an entirely cloaked figure. I run up to them, and help Ettore pull him into the building while Nicco and Geno come up behind me and begin hitting the cloaked assailant. The person, facing all of us as opposition, then drops his weapon and surrenders. After the battle Nizar begins talking to our prisoner and to my surprise, our prisoner is a woman. Nizar begins talking to her in that alien language again. After a while he finishes talking to her, executes her and then we drop her body out the window facing the outside to the city.

The next morning we see Cangrande’s army marching our direction. I signal the army using my flag and when Cangrande gets near I move down to brief him of what we did in the city. He is pleased at our work and moves onward to the keep, with the two hostages in tow. Soon afterwords Cangrande leaves the keep, without the prisoners, and says that he has claimed the city. He then gathers a lot of the citizens to the central square to address them. He tells them that he is now in charge of their city, and he is cutting the taxes to a fourth of what it was before, not sure how much that is but the people seem happy about it. He then throws a chest’s amount of silver into the crowd which almost starts a riot in the square. Well, I suppose this is what they wanted.


Wasn’t sure if it should be called “hale the conquering heroes” or “viva la revolution” the former seemed more appropriate.

Hail the Conquering Heroes

I think you made the right choice. “Vivere la rivoluzione” doesn’t have the ring that the Spanish does…

Good write up. You can all say that you’ve single-handedly sacked a city. Sort of…

Hail the Conquering Heroes

Excellent write up Alex. What hostages did Congrande have?

Hail the Conquering Heroes

They were the 2nd son and the ranger guy that we captured (i couldn’t remember their names so i just called them “hostages”

Hail the Conquering Heroes

I have been very distracted lately … Sorry I didn’t say anything earlier; great job, Alex =]

Hail the Conquering Heroes
Maerdran Alex_Padden

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