Cangrande Della Scala

Lord of Verona


Cangrande Della Scala is the sole Lord of Verona (after the recent death of his brother and co-ruler Alboino). He has a wife but no heirs.

He is an imposing man bent on conquest. He was trained in warfare starting at an early age – in fact his father knighted him while he was still an infant. He has become well renowned by both his allies and enemies as a formidable warrior. At the age of 14 he walked into the soldiers training grounds at the arena and without a word put down one of the army’s seasoned veterans. His name, meaning “Big Dog” is a reference to his Unlce Mastino (Mastiff) who ruled Verona for some years prior to Cangrande (and was named after the breed of wardogs).

Cangrande stands at 5’6", but is extremely powerful. He is always well armed and armored and is accompanied by a small cadre of elite body guards.

He is however, very comfortable with both his reputation and knowledge of martial technique. Despite being the ruler of the City and its territories, his cadre of body guards is substantially smaller than those of even minor lords of the city. Some have taken this as an opportunity to assassinate him. Those efforts have all failed quickly.

He is well known for several things. In addition to being an accomplished warrior, he is an intelligent politician, rhetorician, and strategist. Unlike many of the other Veronese nobles, Cangrande regularly frequents “commoner’s establishments”. This makes him especially popular with his people. He is also a well known lover of art, frequently employing painters and sculptors. He has a violent temper and large ego that are tempered by seemingly uncharacteristic acts of mercy. He has been known to offer asylum to enemies whom he has defeated. It is presumed that these offers are only given after he has unequivocally proven himself the superior combatant.


Cangrande Della Scala

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