Rosa seems to be a powerful force in Verona. Everyone and no one knows her. Like everything else about her, her motives in dealing with the party remain unclear. Her family name isn’t known, and maybe she doesn’t have one.

She dresses and keeps the company of Lords and Ladies, while also demonstrating skills the activities only low-born people would know.

She lives in a small tower house with a young son and a cadre of her “philosophers.” Her charges consist of talented painters, sculptors, and poets that seem to drift through life in a wine-stained haze. However, with Rosa as their patroness, they want for nothing and between stints of raucous revelry have managed to create inspired works of art.

Rosa has taken it upon herself to assume the role of patroness for the party as well. She has proven to be a capable guide through the shifting landscape of Veronese society. Where she is guiding them however, is still a mystery.



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