Borders Drawn in Blood

Fifty shades of Arabic

“Get their stuff…”
That’s how this barbarian of an imbecile enters our camp in the night..
Who knows how Many is with him to be this confident. Everyone is on high alert once waken.. Arrows are whizzing through the camp. Fredrick takes some critical hits from someone in the shadows far away .Damn, my plate male ….no time. These men are mismatched in armor… And frankly the one wearing the human bones really freaks me out. Poor LILO , always singing in danger. She’s so young, yet seen so much. Ettorie defends himself from the wild dog that charges him. I almost feel bad for our attackers… They have never met a man like nizzar. They will soon be dead …all of them. They all must die. No one must know we are out here. Nobody will notice…if there’s nobody to notice…
The morale of our offenders slightly changes once nizzar beheads one of them. They begin to retreat once the realization that they are out matched.. My stomach is terribly slashed..again. They retreat. Im sure they’ve never had 7 foot Arab chase them full speed. Apparently one enemy is so disorientated that he’s attacking his comrade. We defeat them. After slaughter comes the sunrise and we are off again.
Next night… I’m on my shift and I hear someone in the distance. No time to waste. This works for nizzar so why not. I charge my approacher and tell him to state his case. Apparently my sword offended him and it becomes a grappling match.. He tries to stick me with a blade. Bastard. POW. Right in the kisser I let him taste my gauntlet.
Meanwhile the other intruder runs off. And off goes nizzar after him. He’s gaining distance. There’s no way for nizzar to catch him. No one can know we are here. Moments later nizzars raven swoops down touches him and the man is down..he has turned all green and looks to be plaque by something. Mental note… Never touch or go near that bird again!..
We tie them up. Morning we will question them and I will pray for truth. once they are better we start to pry on there story. The one begins to speak but his words come after. I have done something strange again, miraculous . he’s not telling us. LILO jabs a dagger in his side, this is a first..shortly after we realize we have just detained scouts for the very army we are working with. Oops. He should of stated his case.. Apparently they were intimidated and never seen a large Arab before… Maybe if they had one they would be winning…oops. Damn truth prayer..

Evil Bricks...Round 2

After a crazy battle with the darkness come to life, a very slippery rogue and a tree we are on our way back to the camp to make our report to Henrico Ghibbeline, the General of the idiots that let the Corvo’s take over Milan. On our way back we see several men hanging from a tree up ahead. It seems we didn’t wound that damn rogue enough to slow her down any. We cut the men down and find a note in tied to one of the hands. It says “If the dog goes where he doesn’t belong, I’ll bury the bitch myself. Your arts won’t save you sorceress, you are young and overmatched.” We bring the bodies back to the camp for disposal. When we arrive Ghibbleline is sleeping so we make our report to Lord Weheld. We let him know the details of our encounter and he says he is certain the General will want to hear it from us in the morning. We take the dead to the cleric’s tent and Dominic wants to stay for a while. I decide to stay with him and find an out of the way corner to sit and wait.

I can’t believe I am sitting in the middle of my enemy. Some of these very men may have been responsible for the deaths of my family. These rulers of the City of Usurpers could be my allies? Ha! I want to bury them all!! But, I must have patience. The Corvo’s are the real threat and if these pawns are going to get me a step closer to regaining my family name and lands then so be it. I know there is such a long road ahead of me and I thank God every day for my friends. If it was not for them I would not even be alive. I certainly would not have the glimmer of hope that one day my family will be back where it belongs.

Dominic wakes me up and says he is ready to go back to our campsite and when we come out of the tent it is almost daylight. We go back and rest for a little while but get summoned to the General’s tent before long. We make our report and suggestions. He asks what our report to Cangrande will be and I assure him it will be that his men are ready and capable.

As we are heading back to our campsite I decide that I want to buy a whip. I am not sure why but it just feels like something I should have. Nizar is always nagging me to use my daggers but that just seems to terribly messy. I ask my angry Arab friend where I should get a whip and he suggests where they discipline the men. eeewww We all head over and sure enough there is a whip for sale. The man wants 2 silver but that seems like an awful lot for a silly old whip. I tell him I don’t have it and offer him 1 silver. I still think it is too much but Nizar does not say anything and he’s tighter than Aunt Zelda’s chastity belt. I pay him and now have my very own whip.

Off to practice….

crack Ow! crack Ow! crack Ow! crack Ow! crack Ow! crack Ow!

whip crack Ow! whip whip crack Ow! crack Ow! whip whip whip Hey, I think I’m getting the hang of crack OW! Son of a..!

There seems to be a few spectators. Hmm I bet they are impressed at how well I handle my whip.

Day 2…..

I am getting a better and need some targets. I spend the morning gathering up some empty bottles and jugs and use them for practice. Buy the end of the day I can hit them after only 3 or 4 tries. Man I’m good!

Day 3….

Okay now I really need to challenge myself. It takes me a few hours but I manage to cobble together a passable practice dummy. I start aiming and crack Ow! Sometimes this is a bit harder than it looks. One of the soldiers comes over and offers to help me refine my technique. I bet he noticed my potential right away.

After a few hours with my tutor I am doing much better. I am able to crack the practice target more than me. I thank him and continue practicing what he taught me until the sun goes down. We are heading out to look for that sneaky rogue and her shadowy friend tomorrow and I can’t wait to use my new whip.

The General has been sending out bigger hunting parties who are all now coming back unharmed however there are so many they are scaring off the game before they can kill anything. The boys go talk to the General and tell him to send out a smaller party and that we will follow them and do our best to protect them. He agrees and sends out 4 men that look like they should be anywhere but here.

The bait works and our silent and very deadly opponent attacks and kills one man before we even know she is upon them. I sing a song to lighten their steps and my friends all take off in defense of the men that are left.

CRAP!!! She is right behind me and everyone is gulp far away. She cuts me and I step away and sing another tune in the hopes it will distract her. It fails but before she can hit me the others come to help and she attacks them instead. Ettore is doing what he does best. He is alone in the dark fighting with the darkness itself. He yells out but we have our hands full with the shadowy assassin. Both the rogue and the shadowy companion disappear for the moment. Dominic and Nizar implore Ettore to come back and join the group in the light. He finally complies but not before letting Dominic know there are more evil bricks over here.

We regroup with one hunter left. We decide to douse the torches and wait. She does not disappoint us. They both attack together with the dark assassin crouching right in front of me. I tumble back and again try to sing a song that will cause her more darkness than she can handle. Everyone sees her and all the boys get an attack with Ettore fighting off the deadly shadow creature. The hunter lights a torch as all this is happening and begins to run away. I yell out STOP!! then take my whip and catch him around the leg. He is NOT taking that torch anywhere.

Our assassin manages to escape again but we know this time she is badly hurt. As we are deciding how to best go after her we hear a scream from the other side of the bridge and off in the woods. We all head over and Dominic and I concentrate and then begin looking with the others. I get a sense of where she is and move very slowly and quietly in the direction. I almost walk right into her she is still so hard to see. The shadows are wrapping around her in an unnatural way making it appear as though she is more shadow than person. She does not seem to be able to see. smile
I motion for Ettore to sneak up on her and finish her off. I am afraid if I take another step she will hear me and vanish again. Ettore is so quiet it’s not until the assassin falls at my feet that I know it is done. “Whose outmatched now bitch!!”

We search her and bring her back to the camp. We let the General know that it should be safe to hunt in the woods now. He does not believe that one woman could be responsible for the death of so many of his men. We assure him that she was and that she is way more formidable than she appears. We let him know we will be leaving in the morning.

We decide to scout out Milan before heading back and making our report to Cangrande. We head down the road and a day or two outside of Milan we come across a small Hamlet that is filled with well very large, well armed men. Fredrich thinks they may be Swiss. We converse with them for a few minutes and decide that this is probably not the best place for us. We turn our horses around and get the hell out of there.

Bad Light and Good Light

Friedrich and I had run down a teen boy, by the looks of him he was going to steal food or clothes. We brought him back to camp give him some food and start to question him, his name is Diego and he is a surf. Ettore whispers there is a feather tattoo on the back of his neck. I grab the boy and check. He says all the surfs have such a tattoo. Dominic looks at the young would be thief in his strange way and just collapses.
I draw my weapons and place the point of my scimitar to his chest and say don’t move. Ettore moves to flank him. Friedrich checks on Dominic and says he is still alive but won’t wake. I ask him what he did to Dominic, he replies he does not know but has a smug little smile on his face.
Lila starts to sing then staggers a little and asks the boy who is Legion? Diego relies he does not know any Legion? I instruct Ettore to get some rope and tie him up. Diego places his hands behind his back, but instead of letting himself be tied, he grabs Ettore’s wrist. Ettore screams and drops to the ground as his muscles start to spasm. I stab Diego, as he falls daylight bursts out of his body and illuminates a 30’ area. The horses start to pull at their tethers alarmed by the light, Lila rushes to Ettore and sings over his body. The wound is healed but it leaves a hand shaped birthmark on Ettore’s wrist. We have seen similar marks before.
Diego is still alive and his face looks so innocent, I cannot let him die, so I staunch his wound. Friedrich is moving the horses out of the bad light and they calm immediately. I move Dominic out of the bad light and he awakes. I go back for Ettore, but leaving the bad light does not stop his twitching. Lastly I bring Diego out to our make shift camp a crossed the road. Ettore’s spasms stop after about 5 minutes, and the light persists for several hours.
In the morning we decide we need answers so Lila agrees to sing over Diego. When he awakes he is frightened and does not know us, demanding to know who we are, why he is tied up and where he is? We tell him he is a couple of days outside Verona, he is tied up because he tried to steal from us. He says we can’t be near Verona as it is too cold. We ask him what time of year he thinks it is? September he replies. He has lost 5 months to what ever possessed his body as it is now February. Well the tattoo can not stay so over his objections I cut it off his neck and burn it. Lila sings his pain away. Now what we can’t just leave him.
So we take him with us as a servant, as he will be hung as an escaped surf if he returns home. He rides on the wagon with the pitch, I still don’t know why we need this stuff. sometime I think Dominic is completely crazy.

Another couple of days of travel and just before sundown we encounter a Ghiblinee patrol. Lila convinces them we are representatives of Con Grande. And asks to be pointed in the direction of the Camp. We are informed that the woods are haunted and we would not live to reach the camp on our own. So we ride with the patrol for the rest of the night, reaching the camp at dawn. We are shown to the Generals tent but he keeps us waiting for and hour and a half. Lila and he have a conversation about Con Grande his forces and what we are doing here. I just want to sleep… Eventually Lila is done talking and we move to the edge of camp to set up our tents. Lila let us know about the haunted forest and we agree to check it out tonight after we rest.
We awake just before dinner and eat our own rations as the provisions in the camp are scares. Dominic is the only one bringing his horse, Ghost is welcome as he is a weapon all on his own. The rest of us are on foot. With Friedrich leading the way we walk into the haunted forest! Lila and Dominic hold our torches as it is very dark under the tree canopy. After several uneventful hours of walking, a war dart sprouts from Friedrich neck. We are under attack and no one noticed anything!! Friedrich pulls the dart free, a bluish substance covers the dart tip. Friedrich says “damn poison” and falls to the ground unconscious. We draw weapons and move toward the tree cover at the side of the road. None of us leaves the torch light, not even Ettore, maybe he is learning. :-) That did not save him as a figure literally steps out of the darkness and attacks him. Lila is singing, Ettore is fighting back, while Dominic and I attempt to close the assailant (its a woman!). Dominic is near the tree when an arm reaches our and touches him and a numbing cold drains the strength out of his body. The woman steps into the shadows disappears before our eyes. I attack the tree, while Lila and Dominic attempt to set it on fire with their torches. The woman appears holding a knife to Friedrich’s throat. She says to stop or she will kill him. She asks why we are here? And says the Dog should stay out of this war as Milan belongs to her masters. She says we should leave as the army will breakup soon because she is preventing them from hunting. We ask who she is and she just tells us her masters rule Milan. (The Gheulph family rules in name, but ewe suspect the Corvo’s are pulling their strings.) She then looks at Lila and says don’t do that again. Do what? Lila was just singing like always??? Friedrich wakes up at this point and we look at each other with an unspoken agreement to rush her and free Friedrich, when Lila commands her to release Friedrich, and She does!!! We all attack after landing several blows each she steps into the darkness and is gone! A man shaped patch of Darkness leaves the tree and touches Lila, the cold drains the strength from her as well. We all attack but most of our hits pass right through its “body” without harming it, although a few do meet resistance. The Darkness flees into the ground to escape. Damn how do you kill a patch of darkness? Maybe with some good light?

Ettore's new battle wound

Dominic, Nizar, and I visit the armory. This time it’s my armor that’s in need of repair! We also check if the pitch is ready. It will be a week to repair my chain shirt; however, the pitch is available. Dominic finds a suitable stable within the city and then we head home. Nizar and I feel exhausted. (Alyson’s memory is horrible, I apologize if Friederich and Viktoria were there too).

The next morning Dominic wakes me. It’s later than usual, I don’t hear Nizar praying and then it suddenly hits me like a wave. I feel hot, sweaty, cold, shaky … I feel dizzy after just sitting up. I need to lie back down. Come to find out I’m sick from the bites, as is Friederich and Nizar. We’ve been moved to one room. By the end of the day, I am left alone in the room; Friederich and Nizar are improving quicker than I. Appears we have rented a third room for the healthy and when I offer to pay for my room it is unaccepted. I feel weak, I’m not persisting … I need to sleep….

Viktoria goes downstairs when the Innkeeper tells us Rosa is here.

Dominic frequents my room to pray. I attempt to pray along with him. If I’m awake, he updates me on what the group has been doing. Nizar is well.

Viktoria found out where our previous guards are congregating, what they’ve been saying, and why.

Friederich is well.

Nizar and Viktoria try to find and hire a corpse collector to finish cleaning out our estate. They succeed.

He and Nizar are going to try and talk to our previous guards. Found one and set up a meeting.

At some point in the night yelling from an unfamiliar voice awakens me. Something about witchcraft and no other voices are heard. No response to the yelling but someone falls, someone who sounds like they’re wearing plate armor? I try to focus on listening but am still so tired.

The next morning I ask Dominic about the noise and voice and he tells me I must have been dreaming. The group checks out of the inn, I will at night. Once home I notice through exhaustion that the house does not smell as badly as it did.

It’s been about a week and all the praying Dominic has been doing seems to be working now that I’m home. Sleeps seems to be more restful. At times I feel weak but that is less frequent too. The group decides when I’m well to head for Milan. Gino and Nicco are staying back with Carine to try and recruit more guards.

Before heading out, we stop to get my now repaired armor. It feels a lot better to be back to my old self.

First night out, Nizar wakes me and asks me to spot something outside the firelight. I spot a human form; Layil says it’s a boy. “Come in to the firelight” Nizar says and immediately the form darts away further into the darkness. Nizar runs after it with a lit branch from the fire as I rouse Friederich to inform him of the situation. He mounts, grabs a lit branch, and follows Nizar.

I check camp and its surroundings; all is quiet. I can still make out their light sources. They appear to be heading back for camp. They have the young boy with them: 14-15 years old, starved-looking, dark hair, and dark eyes or so it seems among the firelight. Nizar offers him leftover dinner while Friederich tethers the horse.

Nizar asks the young boy a couple of questions and while he’s eating I notice a mark on the back of his neck. It looks like a dark feather tattoo. I wait for a moment to interrupt and request that Nizar and Friederich step over here for a second (out of earshot from the young boy). I tell them what I spotted.

Nizar goes to grapple the young boy by the back of the collar and nearly misses him. “What’s this!?” Nizar says forcefully. I go to rouse Viktoria to inform her of the situation and what I spotted. “I … I don’t know, my father made me get it” the young boy responds. Dominic rouses from the increased volume of noise.

I catch another response from the young boy. Something about his father telling him never to refer to or use the Corvo name. Nizar asks him about his father’s lands, where they are … the boy appears to be answering truthfully or appears to be cooperating … but there is something off about what the young boy is saying … Nizar commands the young boy lead us to his family’s land and readies to leave.

(I think for a minute; aka I roll an intelligence check. I think Alex and Jim rolled one also). That’s it! (aka I got a 20) I think that the Corvos should have been gone, killed, before this boy was born. I gather the group to share my thoughts. Viktoria, who rolled a Knowledge Nobility check, also shares that she does not know of (is not aware of) any Corvos having land in the area where the young boy is from (West of Genoa; Alyson forgets the actual name).

We all exchanged glances, or raised eyebrow type of looks … could this be the bastard son?

“Uh, I can’t go back. They’ll hang me if I’m caught” says the young boy. (We as characters know, JJ told us, that during this time serfs who leave without permission or escape and are ever found are hung). “We won’t let them,” responds Nizar.

Dominic focuses on him (detects evil) and the boy returns a look. Dominic falls to the ground! Friederich and Viktoria immediately drop to tend to him. “What happened to him?” the young boy asks tenderly with a glint of something else … I sense motive and he was quite ‘smug’ in his response (DMs words).

I move away slowly from Dominic off to the right, hands above my weapons, and eyes on the young boy, Nizar opposite me. I say aloud, “That wasn’t very sincere but rather smug.” Nizar stares at the young boy and says with great intimidation, “what did you do to him!?” From the look on Nizar’s face it didn’t work; I quickly glance back at the boy and he’s smirking. (Swallows hard)

Thats gonna leave a stain..
“You know what…Carine does a fantastic job on these floors, that being said… this is the least admirable position I’ve been in yet”.. (as i now imitate the rug paralyzed at Nizar’s feet)" typically people would be panicked having festering fiends clawing and nibbling in a frenzy, yet at this point in my life, this isn’t even “weird” with the events that typically happen on a days glance."- “Wait…i can feel a toe! seems i will be more involved in tonight’s engagement after all” nizar protects my once upright body, i start to hear my cohorts join us for tonight’s slaughter, its far more comforting then the screams coming from Carine’s bedroom. As i begin to finally get up and rejoin the front line, in the black fog that separates us from the room, seems to have a commotion .. Nizar and fredric slash through our obstacles. i advance quickly to be limited in my line of site to only see figures gathering at the bedroom’s entrance. Nazar bolts passed me and when i arrive to the action i am stunned to see the dark skin man amongst our foe…(gulp) but it seems that he tonight is an ally, its almost joyous to watch him dance when its not with me or my friends. but this travesty of lost souls must all stop and in a mighty roar of faith and vigilance i command these heathens to answer to god and burn out there evil!!!!! HOLY SHIT THAT WORKED!! ( as they all drop to the floor and sizzle in divine justice) and now we are left with only one .. small… darkskin.. problem. It’s almost funny how in Arabic any discussion sounds like an argument… hopefully this is not an argument ( while nizar and our recent intruder have a very brief exchange of words) well seems all is well again…fredric rescues the damsel, nizar and his pal have tea and i check ghost and we all make plans to venture out in the morning to kill the darkskins man brother

(which they all share the same name which is a series of letters that are unfamiliar to my Italian tongue) to kill his brother which is now some sort of un-dead monster, and in doing so he will return to his dry land report Nizar being dead.It seems that these evil intruder have traveled from far and are part of the sisters of mercy.. Alright,, off to an inn cause this place is starting to get ripe.

In deciding rooms it was quite an easy decision after glancing at the moral standings of the crew… we should pair the Arabs together while i watch Lady Victoria safely in the other suite… just saying… And in the morning we ride to defeat evil.. It begins to get cold as we venture further down the path and the horses are at a panic. When we see a dark figure ahead, i ready myself and ghost and the party prepares for the worse as this is a very challenging situation, even with..whats his name.. Oh… there he goes off into the woods.. so much for charging.. oh…there goes Ettire …into the woods Look at the boy go ..quite some legs on him. As we stratigize to surround him i call ghost off as he is awfully uncomfortable and the melee begins. He slices and makes his way in circles around an exchange of blows, i curse him like i did the other undead… yet this did seems to have very much offended him…. his eyes glowing like orbs of fire, chest glowing symbal of a feather… his mouth opens to display glowing coals…" what have you done to me??!… well aparently …not enough…. the battle continues and he cuts my hands and its barely enough to hold my sheild and sword.. He gouges into nazars leg leaving him in his tracks… the soldiers execute fantastic blows to this devil.. all together we narrow in on him but he is quick. i cant even touch him this dirty little whirlwind.. slash!…my sword hits the ground. And then it is done . a final blow he is givin and he is forever silent… the darkskin man can be on his way.. and we can go back to handle the bodies we left for Rose to handle…. needless to say when we return and we speak with her… she wasn’t expecting such a high body count.. it was one of the few times i think we surprised her…now we are left to clean up the mess.
The Nightmare Begins

After the harrowing battle with the men chasing Nizar we patched everyone up as much as possible and rested up for the next days ride on our way back to Verona. The wagon of pitch was slowing us down but the next couple of days went without incident. Of course the respite was not too last.

We made camp a bit off the road and before it was my time for guarding I was awoken and told riders were coming. We had to wait only a few minutes before hearing the hoof-beats and moments later the tremble of the ground from a pack men and women on horses driving their mounts at an unforgivable rate. The horses were lathered and some looked near death as the mass of riders approached. Someone saw that they were the horde that was chasing Nizar and that the front rider was one of the dual-scimitar wielding nightmares. He has tons of small cuts that appeared to still be bleeding all over him. Nizar said the horses they are riding were built for long days of travel and that they were faster than our horses here. He said they had to pushing them at a run for close to 8 hours for them to look as they do.

When he told us this I got a knot in my stomach. They were running. These men who, like Nizar, did not seem to fear death and who are unbelievable in their speed and skill with those blades, those men, were running. It was fear that drove them. I knew it, because I am well acquainted with fear. I do not want to see what has driven these men to the point of driving their mounts to death just to get away.

Nizar’s raven flew back and the poor things was obviously scared out of it’s little mind. I thought I heard it say “RUN! NOW!” in Arabic. Ha, now whose out of their mind? But even the bird seems smart enough to be afraid. The others do not have quite the sense of fear or perhaps borderline panic that I and the bird have. They want to take the fancy glass tube and see if they can spot what is chasing them. I am staying with the wagon and Dominic. We head out while Nizar and Fredrich head to the hilltop and try to get a look at what is chasing them.

They catch up to us very shortly after they left and said that the horse was panicked and trying to buck the rider and then it finally collapsed and the rider appeared to kneel down and begin eating it. EATING IT!!! What in the world? A plague victim caused this much panic. No way. Those riders would not have run from one single plague victim. There must be more too it.

I do not want to know though, so on we ride. We ride through until dawn and then rest until after noon. We then get back on the rode and make it to Verona just as the dawn is breaking.

Home sweet home. Ahh to finally be back in our house and to sleep in my own bed. Carine makes a wonderful breakfast and we head to bed for a few hours of rest. When I get up Nizar says that Rosa stopped by like we asked and that he told her what happened on the road and about the next mission Cangrande is sending us on. He said Rosa thought is was a plague victim and said they would be sure and not let them in the city.

A plague victim?!! “Did you mention how an entire horde or what was left of them were running their horses to death to get away from this little plague victim? A man whose skill with those scimitars is frightening, THAT man was running in FEAR? Did you mention that to Rosa?” sigh He did not tell her about that. He mentioned him eating the horse but not THAT!! I do not think this is over.

We took care of some selling and repairing and such and got the new armor appraised. It must be good because Nizar seems happy about it and he is never happy about anything. We look into getting more pitch and it turns out that stuff is really expensive. Apparently we will be picking it up in the morning before heading out of town. The men took care of all that and we returned home. That evening we all went to sleep in our own beds. ahhh

What would a night be without a blood curdling scream to wake up to? But this seems different. This sounds like the men in the barracks and Carrine. They are terrified. Oh no HE must be here! The plague victim that no one seemed overly concerned about is now terrorizing all the servants and guards of our home. And none of the men are ready for a fight.

I ran to Dominic’s room to help him get his armor on as fast as possible. He tells me the plate will take to long and grabs his chain shirt instead. I only hope the others are preparing as well. I can’t imagine anyone slept through the screaming. I was adjusting Dominic’s armor ….


Why is it raining in my bed? No not rain what is it? The drops are black and not wet, but cold. I scramble back and pull the covers up tight to my chin and wait. What am I waiting for? The droplets are swirling now they are forming something…

It is a man, he is shadow and darkness, he terrifies me. I can’t move!! panic He is reaching for me. I want to yell but I have no voice I can not speak or move and sit paralyzed in my own bed. My skin is tearing along my veins and blood vessels….oh the agony…all over my body the blood is running now…why? Who is this man? NO! It can’t be…how has he done this to me…I am dying.

The image becomes clearer and it is a man in the red robes of a Cardinal in the Church of Christ. It IS HIM!! NOOOOO!! Help me. Dominic help…Nizar My blood is is leaving the tears in my skin and joining the swirling…

He is speaking but it sounds like the crackling and hissing of coals in a fire. “All that is done cannot be undone. What I have taken will remain mine until the end of days when brother will fight brother and the heavens are torn from the sky. It is I that will bear witness to the ascension of those wrongly cast down.”

No he is coming closer again. What is that about his neck? The cross it is wrong. It is upside down but what or who……cringe

He is fading he is leaving. Will I live? He is saying something as he fades…

“You will be the first martyr for your failed cause!”


Where am I? Why am I on the table? Where is everyone? The screams, oh no my friends. They are screaming. Is that man killing them all? I must get to them I need to help. I have let them down. He is going to take all my friends from me. “It is the Cardinal! It is the Cardinal, he did this.”

What in God’s name? There are plague victims everywhere and they are awful. They look like they should be dead already. I must help! Some of my friends are terrified and I don’t see Nizar or Dominic. Oh please be okay.

I say a prayer to my lord for courage and inspiration and I sing with all that I have in me.

How big is an African Hoard?

Well Congrande’s army is occupying the city of Vincenza. Taking over buildings and displacing citizens, the town is in chaos. The Sfortza’s still hold the Basilica but only because no effort has been made to remove them yet.
We track down Congrande at the Large villa he appropriated and make our report. He is with his nephew Mastino and another nobleman, whom is introduced as Enric Ghibbeline, heir to the house, as his great uncle and other relative were killed in the over through of Milan. Interestingly House Guelph has been placed in power, but nobody seems to know by who. As Congrande is now at war with house Guelph, Freidrich can no longer pose as Lord Guelph in Verona. Congrande says he will find us another name to use when it is necessary. I can see that Freidrich is disappointed, he liked being a nobleman. Personally I think it is overrated…
Congrande praises our work in Vincenza and mentioned that his army encountered some of my country men camped outside the city. A fight broke out between them and some of his soldiers when the soldiers assaulted a woman from the camp. The fight, while brief, left many dead soldiers as the Africans were both fast and deadly. Congrande is curious as to why them then executed the woman who was assaulted? I told him that she should have fought harder and that a despoiled woman is put to death according to Allah’s law.
Congrande then dismisses Mastino and Enric (which annoys them) so he can talk to us privately. He would like us to travel to southern Lombardy where the Ghibbeline forces are gathering and size up the army and make sure the alliance is valid and that he is not tying himself to a sinking ship in the Ghibbeline cause. We agree Helping take back Milan would get us one step closer to restoring Victoria to her family holdings in Como. Before we are done talking Dominic goes into a trance, when he comes out of it he gets up and says we need to get pitch and leaves the room. Congrande dismisses the rest of us at that point with a questioning look in Dominic’s direction, We just shrug.
Dominic finds a wagon and begin to collect Pitch from the gatehouses. After we collect a dozen I appropriate a mule from the army to pull the wagon. We end up with a total of 28 clay Pots of pitch before Dominic is satisfied. As that took us until mid afternoon, we are going to wait until tomorrow to get our horses from the farm and leave.
I suggest we take a look at the Hoard of the Hunter to see how large it is and if we only killed a follower not the leader.
At evening outside the City we see the camp in the distance. The non stealthy members of the party are not going to be able to approach unseen so we send Ettore and Friedrich forward to get a better look. I send Layil out to keep an eye on them.
After what seems like hours Layil comes back and says they were spotted. I sprint down the road for the camp, hoping I don’t have to rescue them. The shouting I hear dies down before I get close, this could be very bad. But before I am spotted by the perimeter guards, Friedrich calls to me and he and Ettore step out of the brush beside the road. We quickly retreat back up the road toward the rest of the party. Ettore tells us there are between 20 and 30 people in the camp. 4 wield dual scimitars, some wield 2 weapons like I do and still more use shield and spear. There are many robed woman as well, and if they all fight like the woman at the gate we will all be slaughtered. We hopefully we can leave without them following us.
We head back to our Inn to find it packed with displaced towns folk. but the ones in our room clear out with just a look. We set guard shifts, and after midnight are awakened by sounds of a fight. Fearing the worst we arm ourselves and head downstairs. It is just Norman Mercenaries fighting with Italian soldiers over wine. Lila shouts at them in French and the fight is made moot when 2 of the soldiers drop the cask and break it while they are trying to sneak it out of the room.
We greet another blessed sunrise, Allah has protected us through another night.
After breakfast, we buy the mule from the army and take our wagon full of pitch with us out to the farm where our horses are. As we get close to the Hoard encampment I hide under the wagon tarp and we clear the camp uneventfully.
It takes most of the day to get to the farm as the mule does not move very fast. Do we really need all this pitch?? Or has Dominic really lost his mind this time? We spend an undisturbed night at the farm and get an early start the next morning. The only issue we have is when Dominic tries to hitch Freidrich and my war horses up to the wagon so it will move faster. We compromise and hitch to of the other horses to the wagon, and have Gino and Lila ride on the wagon.
Two nights later I am kicked awake by Dominic, and see him hit by am arrow. I hear Ettore grunt as he too is struck by an arrow. We are under attack!!!
On opposite sides of the camp Dominic and Ettore rush the archers as the rest of us rise and arm ourselves. Out of the darkness charges 2 of the dual scimitar wielding men, followed by several of the spear and shield fighters. Ettore and Nico take down one of the Archers and Ettore disappears into the darkness after someone else again. One of these times he will rush into a trap! There could be dozens of men in the darkness if the entire hoard has descended on us. He needs to learn to stay closer to the group. Dominic Kills the other Archer he closed with and disappears in the darkness behind his wagon. Ghost, Gino and I close with the closest scimitar man, while Friedrich fills him with arrows. I unleash my hatred on the other scimitar man and he flinches from my gaze. Lila is singing in the background, staying 1/2 way between the fight and the darkness. The 1st scimitar wielder goes down as the Spear fighters join the fight. The second Scimitar man Starts carving his way through our group wounding everyone and ending his move near Freidrich. Nico and Ghost engage a Spearman, I fight 2 others splitting ones hand open, so he drops his spear and cutting the hand off the other killing him. Gino closes with the other Scimitar man and Friedrich shoots more arrows then collapses to the ground. Lila suggests the man go back to Africa and forget about Nizar. We hear fighting in the darkness so Ettore is still alive. Dominic chases another Archer back into the firelight. The Scimitar man carves another path through the group and ends standing next to a terrified Lila. She sings a different song and the man calls out in Arabic, “someone guide him, as he can not see”. Nico and Ghost finish the other fighter. The Sounds of fighting stop in the Darkness, hopefully Ettore won. The Rest of us ignore the last archer and the wounded man and surround the Blind man, landing some grievous blows. He fights on, very formidable even if blind. I thought I saw Him sever Dominic’s thumb but it was just a bad vision. Even though when he was finished Dominic was severely wounded. Nico Charges the blind man and strikes him down with a mighty hit from his great sword. We have won, thank Allah there were only 10 of them…
But where are the other???

Hail the Conquering Heroes

As we pick through the remnants of our fallen foes, we hear a loud commotion originating from where we started this fight. Fearing another ambush, I see Ettore creeping up to the intersection to investigate. He yells back that it is a bunch of villagers celebrating. He quickly moves down the street, Nizar and Victoria following closely behind. Let them celebrate, I am more than happy collecting this coin as they do. As I begin to finish up, the yelling becomes louder and I can hear many footsteps coming this way. A large mass of people come moving down the street. I can make out only a few words through the clamor, when suddenly Victoria seems to meld out of the crowd and looks at me, “Come on Fredrich, we are taking the Basilica!”. …What? You can’t just send untrained men into combat, no matter how many of them there are or how much shoddy armor the just picked up. In my old army, we used them to move battering rams into place or arrow fodder-…. uh oh.

I quickly chase down the crowd, but the people are so bunched together that I can’t get through. The only person I recognize is Nizar, only because he sticks out like a soar thumb in this sea of Venetians, and he is far forward into the chaos of people. I hope he is near her. We reach the basilica and what I thought would happen, happened. The guards retreat into the walls and begin turning the front row of villagers into pin cushions. The rest of the crowd backs off to outside the basilica square where it becomes a mass of confusion with the ones in the back pushing forward and the ones in front pushing back. After a while the crowd slowly disperses, leaving only our party and the unfortunate ones left in the street. We quickly leave the basilica and head back to our inn, the inn-keeper both surprised and horrified to see us in our blood stained outfits. He begins drawing us a bath without even asking a question. We head up to our rooms as we wait, upon entering our room we find a cat statue sitting on a table. Nizar quickly picks it up, it breaks in his hand and sand begins pouring out. He goes white and tells us it is a threat from an insane assassin. What kind of assassin threatens with a cat? Who ever this guy is, he has got to be scary, I have never seen Nizar afraid like this before. We finish cleaning up and at the end of the day we head to bed, we make sure guard shifts are covered for tonight.

The next morning we scope out the gate house facing Verona, only to find it deserted. Apparently we killed most of the guard yesterday, this should make things easy. So, we grab a bunch of provisions, lock ourselves in the gate house, and proceed to wait it out here. Etorre seems to be getting bored and begins pacing the room but I don’t mind the break, I could use the rest and I spend my time making a “Cangrande flag” to let the army know that we succeeded in opening the gate. The night comes without incident, however, during the night we get a knock at the door. A man speaks in a language I can’t understand, I think its the one that Nizar speaks. They begin talking through the door while Ettore heads up top to check if there is anyone else with him. He says there isn’t and Nizar lets him in. The man who enters is lanky and dark skinned with two scimitars at his back. He moves past us and begins boiling water. Is this ‘the hunter’ that Nizar was worried about, if so I am not impressed. Once the water is boiled he begins drinking tea and talking with Nizar in the language I can’t understand. Why must they speak in some weird language, cant they just speak what we all speak? The only thing I can understand is Victoria’s comments, including “he is the most polite assassin ever”. I wont argue with her there. After a while the other man gets up and begins moving toward the door, they say a few more things, then suddenly Nizar draws his sword and advances toward him. The man quickly pulls out his swords and advances toward Victoria and I. He moves like no one I have ever seen, its like he is a whirling mass of blades gliding through the room. He quickly takes down Victoria and begins slashing at me, almost slicing my armor in half. I was wrong, color me impressed. The rest of us engage him, Nizar, Dominic, Nicco and Geno surround him and begin cutting him open. We manage to deal some damage to him before he tries to get away, however we do manage to take him down before he escapes. After we take him down, we hear more commotion coming up the stairs, Ettore is up there. Geno, Nicco, and I move up stairs to help him while Nizar and Dominic help Victoria. We move up stairs to see Ettore wrestling with an entirely cloaked figure. I run up to them, and help Ettore pull him into the building while Nicco and Geno come up behind me and begin hitting the cloaked assailant. The person, facing all of us as opposition, then drops his weapon and surrenders. After the battle Nizar begins talking to our prisoner and to my surprise, our prisoner is a woman. Nizar begins talking to her in that alien language again. After a while he finishes talking to her, executes her and then we drop her body out the window facing the outside to the city.

The next morning we see Cangrande’s army marching our direction. I signal the army using my flag and when Cangrande gets near I move down to brief him of what we did in the city. He is pleased at our work and moves onward to the keep, with the two hostages in tow. Soon afterwords Cangrande leaves the keep, without the prisoners, and says that he has claimed the city. He then gathers a lot of the citizens to the central square to address them. He tells them that he is now in charge of their city, and he is cutting the taxes to a fourth of what it was before, not sure how much that is but the people seem happy about it. He then throws a chest’s amount of silver into the crowd which almost starts a riot in the square. Well, I suppose this is what they wanted.

Ettore's Battle Wound

Victoria approaches behind Dominic and me; her song is nothing like we’ve heard from her before. Usually it’s an encouraging melody but this one felt more dreadful.

Looks like all that remain are archers; this is going to be great (sarcastically speaking). I am successfully able to charge one and got him good! He fell with my first attack!
A group of archers farther up the street loose several arrows at Gino; luckily Dominic is not far behind to provide aid.

Nizar, Dominic, and I charge the group of archers up the street; plus a couple attempting to retreat. I am able to get an attack but it was not as successful as my first charge.
I feel a little disappointed in, and very frustrated with, the archers. They are not attacking me yet I am the one threatening them. Do I not pose as big a threat to them as Nizar and Dominic?

The ones that attempted to retreat were successful; we were unable to get to them in time. Although, when we do catch up to them something doesn’t sit right with me. I think for a second and shout to Nizar that I think it’s a trap! He doesn’t seem to mind; he kept on engaging the archers.

Turns out my instincts were right but they failed. Even though more enemies arrived and no other resistance fighters came to our aid, we left the streets of Vicenza bloody with Sforza patrolmen.
Not before Victoria’s melody returned to normal, ::sigh of relief:: Friedrich “found his inner Gatling gun,” [D.M.s reference to his skill with a bow n’ arrow] and I finally become a threat and was attacked. A severe wound to the groin however, was not what I had in mind. ::nervous chuckle:: I was hoping for battle wounds that made me a man in my Lady’s eyes not battle wounds that would potentially ruin my manhood …. I’ve learned my lesson.

This has nothing to do with this campaign but a previous one. I think I have found Celeste’s theme song; if she were to have one that is: ;]

Living la vita loca

While traveling we beat the plague like a cold , met a boy named Federico , snuck into the city of Vincenzo , joined a revolution and we killed some people and soon gonna kill a whole lot more people as we sack this city.We re on a mission from god and not even Judas could stop me baby. Gooooooooooo God!

Dominic Sinclair


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