polytheistic cults

Polytheistic Cults

The are two most prevalent polytheistic cults are those dedicated to the Ancient Roman Pantheon and those devoted to the “Earth Mother” and other spirits. Any followers of these belief systems are especially despised by both Christians and Muslims. Generally Christians tend to torture a conversion from these followers (unless they are thought to be a witch – in such a case the individual is burned alive). Muslims regard pagans as “satans” enemies and will seek to kill any that are found.

The Ancient Roman Pantheon
The Ancient Roman religion is nearly extinct. Still there are some persistent followers in remote (typically agrarian) territories. The following depicts the major deities that compose its pantheon.

He was the master of the gods and the main god of the Romans. In his hand he held thunderbolts which he could hurl from the sky.

She was the wife of Jupiter, the goddess of women and fertility. Her symbols were a pomegranate and a peacock.

He was the god of war, the strongest and most fearsome god, except for Jupiter.

She was the goddess of love and beauty.

She was the goddess of wisdom, learning, art crafts and industry. Her symbol was the owl.

He was the powerful god of the sea. His symbol was the trident.

She was the goddess of the harvest, always depicted carrying a bundle of grain.

He was the blacksmith of the gods and a god of the underworld. If he stoked his furnace too hard volcanoes might erupt. He was the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes.

She was the goddess of hunting and a goddess of the moon.

He was the god of wine and partying. Naturally, he was one of the most popular gods during the height of the Roman Empire.

He was the messenger of the gods. the wings on his helmet and sandals allowed him to travel very quickly to wherever a god might send him. He was the god of travelers and tradesmen.

She was the goddess of the hearth and home. She was very important to Romans. In her temple a flame was always kept burning as in the ‘hearth of Rome’ the flame should never go out.

Animistic/Nature Spirit Faiths
These belief systems are mostly borrowed from ancient traditions of the Northern Germanic Tribes before submitting to the dominance of the Roman Empire. Belief in nature spirits is exceptionally rare and typically only ever found in very remote territories. Followers of these religions are viewed with fear and distrust. They are thought to be composed entirely of witches and warlocks by all of the primary religions in Europe.

Followers of these faiths do not recognize any single deity aside from the “Earth Mother” – the essence of the natural world. Instead they believe that all creatures, plants, and even earth and rock have a spirit essence that contributes to a larger, existential continuum.

polytheistic cults

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