Borders Drawn in Blood

A Mans manual of exceptional tacticcs and fortifcation

In every run of the mill combat situation it is always in your best intrest to subject yourself to absurd danger. Further providing the immediate surprise of such opponents even if say such opponents are of a none breathing, flesh devouring, devil spawn of a Milan brigade. Remember, having higher ground you will automatically have the advantage even if it is only currently at horse back. Their bites and attempts will be thwarted off by 1/8 of an inch banded italian steel and an uncanny amount of faux pas of combat. Splat , splat, splish your sword from god will sing the gospel as it fillets the flesh of the blueflamed hearted abominations. Oh my, Nizzars cut off a nipple. There are moments in combat where things may sway to the other side, example: one may be apprehended by ones opponent, dragged off thy horse and left on ones hineside. Not to fret, this is when the champions tanner juggernaut will come to ones aid, followed by an arsenal of blonde hair men armed with bows, one in which who is actually proficient, and a 13 year old boy who can separate meat faster then a butcher. A warrior can get knocked down, its not getting up that is failure, especially when u have bodies to gather and burn with pitch. Always check perimeter of combat to ensure that it has returned to a safe and sustainable situation,an unwarranted ambushed is an amateur mistake. Burning a body with pitch is effective, but a slow and fetid method……… -- Now its back to the Army we deserted. If you dont like waiting for a meeting with officials, may i suggest taking there mercenaries from there encampment to warrant there attention next time. As far as my negotiations are concerned, i have a very convincing 12 year old girl that does most the talking, while i try my best to keep up with the conversation, but dont worry, she dresses as a male to to ensure the most respect from leading officials. Amidst heated conversations, lots of things may get said like: i should hang u for what you did…or: I m going to kill the snow valley men and the Arab… but this is just the lead pigeon minded generals way of puffing his chest or displaying his peacock feathers. Like in most catastrophic situations i’ve found that it is also where having the 12 year old girl, dressed as a boy usually ends up swaying the situation . One second the general could be calling us an idiot. 12 year old asks him with a little more sugar….next thing you know he s asking when do u want me in verona ? i dont know.. -——- attachment is difficult in times of war. You always look out for your friends and have there back as they have yours… but sometimes a comrade gets left behind. In the case of the young boy we found with the tattoo, well lets just end with behind…. -———-on to greater conquest and a little further from the army that probably killed Victoria’s family. We travel North to our avail and traveling in packs of giraffe size men has a safe convoy. Further upon our journey we approach a fallen battalion of men in fractions of limbs littered across the path. A suspicious trail of blood leads into the woods and a curiosity of what possibly demolish a torso and twirl a large man could look like infests. Let the scout lead… we congo line into the forest and to a delight we come across a mighty bear that greets us on our investigation. If a staring contest he wants.. then a staring contest he will get. Which then the scout learned, height is everything when it comes to staring contests. Im starting to be convinced that the young boy with the blades was born without the ability to make sound in movement. He also is the reigning champ on hide and go seek. When finding an unconscious man with a bear impeding you from helping him, Bear annoyance is the only way to handle such situation. u must immediately get the bears attention, and provoke it with movement or combat, or until u get owner of thy bear to call off. You may have been in combat at one point with such patient. In times of War things are fast pace and the people you were killing last week may be the people that are fighting for you this week and so on and so on…. as war is not for the purpose of logic, and strictly for the purpose of force…..


Your manual is soaring to the Top 100 sales rank on Amazon…


LOL; love it =] Especially in the middle of your explanation you insert an observation, “oh my, Nizars cut off a nipple…” hilarious!

Maerdran Goldenglade

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