Borders Drawn in Blood

All The World's A Stage, and We Are Mearly Players

I have a new hate for bears. Not as much as insane plague victims and nowhere near as much as risen enemies but I do have a distaste for them. After we make to the injured man and he called off his bear, we determine that he was part of the Snow-Valley-Men mercenaries and goes by the name of Herzog. He tells us that Urs Zaugg was the one who killed the men on the road. This is why I hate risen enemies, not only do you have to kill them a second time, they are even worse the second time around, at least bears stay dead and their pelts are useful. Our new friend also has a vendetta against Urs Zaugg now and wants to kill him so we allow him to join us in our hunt. It would appear our hunt has turned into a waiting game as neither I or Herzog can follow the tracks left by the Urs Zaugg during skirmish on the road. For several nights we waited until Urs Zaugg attacks us in the night. He quickly dispatches one of our Snow-Valley-Men companions and moves in on the camp. Fortunately, the tents and equipment prevent him from charging in the middle of us and we manage to surround and attack him. Whenever he would focus on one of us, he would back off and another would take his place as the focus of Urs Zaugg’s attacks. After a minute of fierce fighting we manage to take him down. We quickly burn his heathen body until nothing remained but ash. I would like to see him come back from that. After we take care of the body, Herzog says that he wants to take our Snow-Valley-Men, use their help to round up the remaining Snow-Valley-Men refugees, and lead them back to Verona in order to join the rest of the army. Victoria agrees to his plan. She is putting a lot of faith into someone we have just met. We part ways as we make headway towards Como. Along the way we again encounter a Sforza patrol headed the opposite direction, this time they couldn’t have missed us. We move off of the road as they approach and we can see another of those darkly cloaked men with them. As him and the captain approach, even though I can’t see his face through the cloak, I can almost feel his eyes piercing my soul. Who are these guys, are they more sorcerers, are they as powerful as lady Cavil was? Even though the dark scary guy was present, the encounter went mostly uneventfully, with the exception of being extorted for some silver. We make it to Como to find the town almost deserted. Word from the inn owner reveals that after Lila’s family was ousted, the following rulers were incompetent, and couldn’t hold everything together. Additionally the lords of the city have been hold up in their estates almost for almost as long as the coup. In order to get close to them we hatch a plan, we will pose as a group of actors and musicians and perform for one of them in order to get close enough for Lila to ask questions. This act includes Nizar and Dominique having a mock battle with Dominique slaying the infidel. I am half surprised Nizar isn’t insulted at this idea, but he seems to be all for it. We manage to get into the Adolometto estate and conduct our performance. For a bunch of amateurs, except for Lila, we did very well everything went without a hitch, Ettore even did some tricks we didn’t even practice. However, very few people were even paying attention to us, its as if everyone is too distracted by something else to even take notice of our performance. At the end, Lila finished with a beautiful song from her harp and actually managed to get the attention of a handful of patrons including the head of the family. After the song he came up to us, presumably to thank us but he forgot what he was going to say, and I thought aunt Elsa had a bad memory. Lila begins questioning him, testing to see where his loyalties lie, after a few questions he catches on and grabs her by the face, inspecting her. I can hear Dominique and Nizar shifting their weight in their seats, readying to pull their weapons if anything goes wrong. After a brief look over, he lets Lila go and tells her that she must leave and never return, and explains that the reason why he didn’t support her family is because his children are being held hostage and not even he knows where they are. Lila then puts her hand on his head, they are motionless for a few minutes until she lets go and he acts as if the conversation never happened. Well that is a neat trick. We then leave the Adolometto house with a new mission, a rescue mission, now if only we new where to start.


For some reason – taking out renegades/rescue missions/etc. – it sounds like you guys joined the coast guard! Good job Alex!


“I have a new hate for bears”…love it. I have a feeling that beer is gonna come in handy…and not for our new road show Dominic & the"Disciples" (plus one…)


The bear did not hit that hard. Try one from Urs… much worse.
And you forgot (on purpose?) the part where Nizar turns into an Italian. :-)


Yeah, I totally forgot about that. My bad. and for some reason, I thought I put paragraphs in this update but for some reason its just a big block of text, weird.


The bear made me chuckle. But I think Urs is way scarier than the bear. Or he was :-)


Sorry it’s late; focusing on being on time last week prevented me from having time to read it before the start of the game.
Very nicely done, Alex =]

Maerdran Alex_Padden

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