Borders Drawn in Blood

Around the next bend...

It Never Ends

Lila is so happy and shocked to see Artigli and Ettore after so many years. She greets them with a warm hug and kiss on the cheek. They are her family after all and even though it has been a very long time they are never far from her heart.

As they head to the kitchen Lila thinks that this can’t possibly be good news for them to arrive as they have. As the young man introduces himself, and begins to tell his tale, Lila is suddenly flooded with memories of how she got to this day. it takes her away from the present as her mind races through the many trials that they were all put through. She feels the loss of Dominic and Freiderich again. Just as suddenly she focuses back on Izemi’s words in time to hear β€œHe has used dark powers to gain his influence – those only granted by our Great Enemy.” She feels a great sadness from her memories and the realization that this could be the beginning of another great evil.

She looks around at the faces of her family and knows that no matter the cost to her she will do what she can to stop this Guy de Lusignan.


Maerdran Goldenglade

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